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Major New Study Confirms Everything You Feared About Fluoride | Off The Grid News

Important study to read especially for anyone taking protein supplements.
Adverse Effects Associated with Protein Intake above the Recommended Dietary Allowance for Adults
International Scholarly Research Notices is a...

Dairy: 6 Reasons You Should Avoid It at all Costs
Got milk? Plenty of people think its perfectly healthy to drink, and advertisements would have you eating dairy all the time. But it may not be as healthy as...
Why Milk Isn't Good For You - Part 1 is the first part of four in a little series about the detrimental health effects and...
5 Reasons to stop drinking MILK [warning graphic]
Pus, blood, RBGH, naturally occurring hormones that...

Friday the 13th brought us all day spraying, chembows ("incredibly rare sun-dogs"), HAARP and chem-bombs. In other words, like almost every other day.
Here's the NASA satellite image for the day:-

     California’s Drought
Shorter showers or flushing the toilet less often is really just a drop in the bucket. If really you want to save water go vegetarian or vegan.
California’s Drought — Who’s Really Using all the Water?
Last week, Governor Jerry Brown declared a drought emergency for the state of California as 2013 was the driest year in the state’s history since records started...

Allan Savory: How to Green the World’s Deserts and Reverse Climate Change (TED video)

     microwave radiation can cause DNA damage
in 2013 Dr. Martin Pall published his research showing the mechanism by which non-thermal microwave radiation can cause DNA damage (which leads to cancer). The attached image shows how EMF affects calcium efflux in cell walls, which creates free radicals, which causes DNA damage. His work can be found here:

"Crisis actor" busted!
It seems the onus is on us discerning thinkers to question EVERYTHING. Perhaps it's no longer a matter of merely ostriching when conspiracy theories seem too far fetched. Case in point:

THE VAST NETWORK OF UNDERGROUND BASES: Like the chapter of the same name in "Future Esoteric" there are at least 300 known underground bases all across North America.
Bilderberg TOP SECRET bases. D.U.M.B.S. over 100 in US 4_000 plus miles of tunnel.flv
Where everyone's hard earned tax dollars have been going all this time. Absolutely real!

VIDEO: Where is Putin? Dead? Dealing with a crisis? Rumors swirl...  VIDEO:  
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