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Abby Martin Explains Why Fluoride Is Poison (Video)
Russia Today presenter, Abby Martin, takes a look at the 50-year-long tradition of adding fluoride to drinking water in America. In this video she outlines the

A protest is being planned for next Wednesday, March 25th in Dallas, Texas. Click the link for more information:

McDonalds Assaults Reporter For Asking About McNugget Ingredients @ SXSW
There has been a lot of hype about McDonalds corp making a huge splash at this years South by...

Coca-Cola caught running massive news payola scheme on over 1,000 websites:

A German study from 2011 show vaccinated children have at least 2 to 5 times more diseases and disorders than unvaccinated children

A good letter-to-the-editor in the Gloucester Daily Times newspaper in Massachusetts:

San Francisco got blasted this morning with thick wispy diffused trails, chembombs and "traditional" chemtrails. Needless to say we got yet another "incredibly rare sundog" aka chembow - for the tenth day in a row.
By afternoon, most of the action had moved south east, as can be seen in today's NASA satellite image:

The Stock Market Crash of 2016: Top Investors say the Crash is Coming.

Anybody here watch House of Cards?
Real Life House Of Cards Drama At Our Doorstep...
Watch this video to see how the real-life 'House Of Cards' is setting up for a fall, and what might be done to prevent it.

calling all Truthers... Vedy Intedesting info here. Anyone seen the "Utopia" series yet? MUST SEE. Next on my list for sure.
"Illuminati" TV Series Reveals MANY Secrets! (2015)

Coca-Cola Caught Paying ‘Health Leaders’ to Say Soda is ‘Healthy Snack’
Let's not let them fool anyone.
    According to a new report, many health writers, bloggers, and spokespeople are being compensated in order to push toxic soda onto the public as a health drink.

"Brain hacking" experts recently gave a presentation on how to build DIY mind control gadgets using parts from Radio Shack and other electronic stores.
    And people thought the CIA’s various mind control programs were too sensational to be true!
    While "brain hacking" experts claim that "electroceuticals" will “alleviate depression, OCD, PTSD and other mental illnesses,” the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is already developing a similar technology to implant false memories into troops.

City of San Diego Sues Monsanto for Polluting Bay with Cancer-Causing Chemical
Chemical giant flooded San Diego's bay and tidelands with PCBs.
    The City of San Diego and the San Diego Unified Port District filed suit against chemical giant Monsanto Monday for polluting the city’s bay and tidelands.

How many different haircuts did Robbie have if the first week after Sandy Hook ? Would you walk away from your child's dead body before sundown without having seen her ? I wouldn't
Parker photoshoot Sandy Hook parent actors 

Why is this film - about the burglary of the FBI and publishing of the secret COINTELPRO documents - not screening in the bay area?
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