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LA County Fire Fighters Local 104 Fighting Cell Towers

WHITE LINES - the Syllable Villain feat. Mere - ChemTrail Awareness
White Lines is a ChemTrail Awareness Track by the Syllable Villain aka Alain Sandenbergh, a Southern African MC representing Mic-a-Blaze Records, and is a tr...

- - - - - Sat Mar 21 2015

The HAARP Conspiracy Theory Explained in Under 2 Minutes. PLEASE SHARE!

not much of a debate , but shows why kids are so blind . adults are afraid to say we are wrong ..
LIVE DEBATE: Gary Yourofsky vs. The Ministry of Education
This is an intriguing 10-minute debate in 2013 with an Israeli Ministry of Education bigwig on Israel's most popular morning talk show. Gary Yourofsky is a v...

McDonald’s War on Americans Revealed
Behind the greasy smile of Ronald McDonald is a toxic soup of “food” that is served to the sheep daily.

21 reasons why forests are important
Here are 21 reasons why woodlands are wonderful.

Buying Silver In 1970s vs Today - Mike Maloney

Texas Under Siege: Military Trains To Overthrow State Govt Exposed: Feds Preparing to Invade Texas, List State as 'Hostile' The Alex Jones Show (VIDEO Commercial Free) Friday March 20 2015: John McAfee, Paul Craig Roberts 

The Dunblane copycat event ?
Was the Newtown CT School Shooting Based on a Real Event? Part 4
Sen Rockefeller: Let's Depopulate!!! Kill the Elders and Poison the children!!!!!
Sen. Rockefeller on health care October, 31 2009

Robert Kennedy, Jr Talks To Illinois Senate On Vaccines

"The CDC is a cesspool of corruption. There's been four now, separate, federal investigations that have been scathing in their criticism of the financial ties of the vaccine industry in the CDC," Kennedy said Dyslexia and Perception 

- - - - - Fri Mar 20 2015

The Lie We Live  

San Francisco was hammered today - just like almost every other day this month. Starting with a clear blue sky, wave upon wave of wispy chembombs drifted south east over the city. And needless to say, we got yet another "incredibly rare sundog" (chembow) to boot.
Here's today's satellite image from NASA:

Attorney Demolishes Pro-Vaccine Talking Points, Lays Bare The Shocking Facts About Vaccination Risks And Dangers
You Cannot Generalize Pro or Con About All Vaccines

Infowars reporter Joe Biggs Exposes the psyop behind SOCOMS Operation Jade Helm 15. This is a plan for a brutal take over of America by Martial Law. This operation will help advance the governments agenda for a full take over of America by throwing Citizens in FEMA Camps. Also we will show you never before seen footage of Obama Deception 2.

Military Takeover Plan Revealed: Is Your State Next - A newly released military document details the US Army’s plan to wage war on the American people. Infowars Military Takeover Plan Revealed: Is Your State Next

On the Friday, March 20 edition of the Alex Jones Show, seven US states are set to be the staging ground for an 8-week joint military training drill, which will incorporate local law enforcement and citizens and acclimate soldiers to operating domestically. Also, former First Lady Hillary Clinton says there is a “huge fun deficit in America,” and find out what happens when reporters visit Starbucks wanting to discuss race relations. 
LIVE 11am-2pm cst

White guilt? White people in the United States are five times more likely to be victims of black violence than black people are to be victims of white violence.
This One ‘Racist’ Fact Completely Debunks Starbucks’ ‘Race Together’ Campaign
It won't be appearing on your coffee cup.
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