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News out of Grand Rapids, Michigan (the U.S. birthplace of forced artificial water fluoridation):

Mayoral Candidate Vows to End Water Fluoridation
“Unless the commission can state with 100-percent certainty that ingested fluoride isn't harmful, why is it forcing the citizens of Grand Rapids to use it?”

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Fukushima Radiation Found In Sample Of Green Tea from Japan
by Harvey Wasserman Four years after the multiple explosions and melt-downs at Fukushima, it seems the scary stories have only just begun to surface. Given that...

     Smart meters
MARCH UPDATE: Smart meters spiral out of control
by K.T. Weaver, for Take Back Your Power March has been one of the worst months ever for “smart meters” in terms of critical news reporting and negative revelations about these devices. Clearly, things are quickly spiraling out of control worldwide...

Gary Yourofsky -Brilliant Interview in Prime Time (HD)
A fascinating interview: renowned Israeli interviewer, Kobi Meidan, talks with Gary Yourofsky following the storm and waves his riveting speech created in Is...
Scientist Dr. J. Marvin Herndon breaks down harmful effects of CHEMTRAILS on FLOW OF WISDOM (HR2)

Red Alert: Engineered Drought Murdering California
California's killer drought appears likely to be 100% engineered as part of the globalist agenda. Chemtrail spraying and the HAARP system are being usd.


Missing Nukes, Missing Airlines = False Flag
There's usually an intent behind the situation.
    It’s now over a year since the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 and while none of us can be certain what became of the missing aircraft, the theories continue to come thick and fast

Huge Missing Nuke Update!
Woman brings up military purge at Santorum event.

Feds Urge Banks to Call Cops on Customers Who Withdraw $5,000 or More
War on cash intensifies.

The New York Times exposes how the CIA has been funding Al Qaeda. The Miami Herald exposes how a Chilean torturer was hired by the Pentagon to teach at a US war college. A five year old has detailed memories of a past life that are confirmed to be true. Read these and other engaging summaries of major news articles at the link below. And enjoy the week!

Marxist communism was born 167 years ago.
How many of Marx’s planks are already implemented in the U.S.? Let’s examine the planks to find out.
‪#‎US‬ ‪#‎Government‬ ‪#‎Communist‬
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