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Sugar Industry Subverted Public Health Policy for DecadesMedia reports reveal that dental policy is heavily influenced by the sugar industry, while the ADA promotes fluoride as the answer for sugar damage.

Please note that I'm not saying that animal intelligence is a factor for judging whether to kill them or not... But in the minds of many non-vegans, it certainly is used as an excuse, but there is no basis for it to begin with.

Several jets left short chemtrails to the east of San Francisco early this morning (March 25, 2015) presumably as markers for future spraying. You can clearly see the sprayers being turned on and off.

What's more shocking, the actual explosion or the Border Patrol agents' refusal to help the man as he burns to death?

- - - - - Wed Mar 25 2015

Fluoridation poll on medscape. Please vote and share:

Egg Harbor City, New Jersey will be holding a special meeting on fluoridation tonight:

     AIR SF
While I was filming chemtrails on my rooftop today (3-25-15, 5:45pm), I caught two pairs of planes flying in dangerously close proximity. The first looked like a private jet following a World War 2 bomber, the second looked like a Lear Jet following a larger commuter jet.
Neither pair looked safe in terms of altitude, speed and especially proximity - over a densely populated city. Who approved these flight plans?

Facebook Reveals its Master Plan Ė Control All News Flow -
The implications of this are so huge that at this point I have far more questions than answers.

Gerald Celente joins the show to talk about harassment when trying to withdraw funds from the bank and why itís time to abolish the IRS.
Celente: Itís Time To Abolish The IRS!
He was harassed while withdrawing funds from the bank.

Car Explodes After Border Patrol Agent Tasers Driver
Shock video shows a car exploding into flames after a Border Patrol agent shoots a taser into the vehicle, killing the driver as agents back away and refuse ...  

So You Think The Military Won't Kill U.S. Citizens?
When the President issues an order the soldier isn't going to reflect on whether the order is constitutional or not. The soldier's job, in his mind, is simpl...

On this Wednesday, March 25 edition of the Alex Jones Show, we continue our coverage of the ongoing attempt to acclimate the American people to the idea that it is perfectly normal to have a standing army in its midst. We also look at the absurdity of political correctness as it continues to normalize and make socially acceptable obesity, the effort to make trendy real-time GPS tracking and the move to control the news flow on Facebook, and a vote in the House to send lethal aid to Ukraine as tension increases between NATO and Russia. 
LIVE 11am-2pm cst
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