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SEEKING NINJAS. WE can not relax until earth is safe. Earth is NOT SAFE. so we must FIGHT and HACK and PROTEST and REFORM and SUBVERT.

I am willing to settle down when this crime wave of COUPS is over. TILL THEN, GAME ON.


Quick commentary on the brutal chemtrailing San Francisco is enduring this morning (4-1-15)

Northern California got totally smeared with crud today. (Time lapse to follow.) Here's NASA's view from space:

Shills/deniers/disinfo agents would have you believe that the gaps we can plainly see in the chemtrails can be explained away with atmospheric conditions. Trails appear in "cold pockets" and disappear in "warm pockets." If that's the case, San Francisco had a whole bunch of "warm and cold pockets" above it today, as can be seen in this fat chemtrail with abrupt start and stop times and several gaps in between.
In truth, these are the start and stop times when the planes turn their spraying apparatus on and off.

What can I say? The scumbags sprayed the snot out of San Francisco again today. At the 0:40 mark all hell breaks loose as we're hit with fat trails, wispy trails, EMF frequencies, chembombs - and what day wouldn't be complete without yet another "incredibly rare sundog" (chembow)?
At the 1:11 and 1:23 you can see all kinds of creepy colors in the clouds around the sun as EMF pulses thorough the sky. At 1:33 you can see a dot-dash-dot-dash trail as a sprayer turns his nozzles on and off and at 1:35 you see a plane turn on his sprayer, take an abrupt right turn and fly directly overhead. At the 1:36 mark you can see the distinct "J" shape of it
At 1:43 you see more EMF activity and a truncated trail - and then it stops for the day.
I published two other videos covering today's atrocity: "Chemtrail-filled skies over San Francisco, 4-1-15" ( and "Warm Pockets" (
Here's the NASA image for the day:-

False flag terrorism. Have you heard of this term? It's very important to understand what is going on in our world politically. This is an excellent article which asks how much terrorist acts are being manipulated for a hidden agenda. I most highly recommend it. Take care.

Tonight, DHS-Funded Drill Simulates Nuke Attack on US-Mexico Border, and, Report: Obama Wanted to Release Taliban Five Without Bergdahl in Return, then, Nestle Continues to Sell Bottled Water Sourced From California Despite Record Drought. Details & more on the
Infowars Nightly News @ 7pm cst - Tune-in

April Fools! Reckless shoreline development should be ancient history, but greedy developers still try. We wish they were fooling:

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