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Plant extracts may have the ability to change cellular activity that is helpful for destroying pathogens
What plant foods offer the best protection?

     VEGAN - Brian May/Yourofsky vegan TV advertisements will air 14 times on Fox-Philadelphia (WTFX) from April 6-19. This is the 3rd ad campaign of the year. The first two happened on NBC-Detroit (Feb. 9-20) and Fox-Orlando (March 16-23) -

On this Easter Sunday, April 5 edition of the Alex Jones Show, we have a wide variety of interviews including famed NSA whistleblower William Binney, jailed journalist Barrett Brown, veteran Bilderberg investigator and author Daniel Estulin, constitutional and international law expert Bruce Fein, and Andrew Wakefield, a British former surgeon and medical researcher who linked the MMR vaccine to autism. Alex Jones and the Infowars crew wish you and your family a Happy Easter! Free video streams at: LIVE 4-6pm ct

That's when we had Reporters and Journalists instead of the propaganda readers we have now.
The Mena Connection : Exposing the CIA, Bush, Clinton, Iran Contra, & Drug Running

AI Computers Will Decide Your Fate
Billionaire investor Warren Buffett says that the decision on whether humans live or die will be left to artificial intelligence when self-driving cars becom...

This is Alex Jones' first feature documentary. Jones travels the United States to discover that it is slowly being taken over by global interests, such as the United Nations.
The Council on Foreign Relations... is the House of the secret government here in the U.S, the Trilateral Commission is the Senate here in America, and the Bilderbergers are the criminal headquarters of the entire program.
Find out how the sovereignty of the US is being subordinated to global interests: foundations at the Presidio, United Nations, Chinese interests, Panama Canal.
See how the United Nations indoctrinates our children. See interviews with witnesses of Oklahoma Bombing.

- - - - - Sat Apr 4 2015

very well put together.
Best Chemtrail Evidence - Ultimate Proof!
Incredible TimeLapse compilation reveals beyond any doubt that chemtrails are a real phenomenon. Part 2: Geo-Engi...

Today got off to a rough start with blatant parallel spraying east of me. You can also see a plane leaving a short c-shaped curve, then turning it's sprayer off.


SF got nailed today. It started out gradually enough (although they were at it as the sun rose - as you can see here: but as he day progressed, the spraying got increasingly dense until the sky was completely filled with it. By 0:58 things got brutal with plenty of trails and a pronounced "incredibly rare sundog" (chembow).
Here's the NASA satellite image:
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