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One more reason to eschew processed/packaged "foods" ...

OMG this is DREADFULL! STOP what you are doing and WATCH NOW!
Attack of the Trouser Bomb in Boston
The Absolute Best Movie Out On the Boston Marathon Hoax Shout out to peekay22 Subscribe to peekay22@ 


Europe Calling Out for AE911Truth WTC Evidence  Richard Gage, AIA, Visits 20 Cities in 10 Nations  mid-April to mid-May

If you are sick please goto Country Sun Health Food Store 440 California Ave. Palo Alto, CA ask for Randi in the Vitamin section. She has saved me  twice over the last 20 years when I could NOT kick a bug for a month or two. EXCELLENT
 otherwise suggest you list your city so folks can guide you to their healers.

Here's how you kill a storm; spray the crap out of it before it makes landfall. 
This is NASA's satellite view from today (4-8-15)

Today was a pretty good day; clear with little puffy clouds and only a few short lived trails most of the day. But as the afternoon progressed, the sky got increasingly hazy and a few fat chemtrails drifted in from the west.
But as you can see in today's NASA satellite
there was a *lot* of spraying over the Pacific, ahead of our next previously forecast storm. Now I doubt a single drop of rain will reach the ground.

- - - - - Wed Apr 8 2015

     EMF + privacy
Fort Collins, Colorado Provides Consumer Choice on Smart Meter Privacy Invasions

Concerns in Arizona over Smart Meter Hacking

Is Diet Coke making you fat? People who drink at least one can a day have bigger bellies:

Walter Scott Shooting: What They're Not Telling You
A Noble Lie--OKC Bombing 1995
The 1995 (April 19th) bombing in Oklahoma City was a direct blow to the heart of America. 168 people were...

It often shows up at the top of the list when searching the internet for almost anything. But the "fauxpedia" website Wikipedia is a monopoly of misinformation, especially when it comes to natural health. Help support the writing and publishing of Mike Bundrant's new book project "Unbiased" to expose the Wikipedia deception and call the popular site to task for deceiving its readers:

If you eat Sara Lee Snacks, Weight Watchers, Cafe Valley Bakery OR Tortillas La Banderita, you may be ingesting the controversial chemical propyl paraben.
Thank our lucky stars we have the people at Environmental Working Group to look out for us.
Ask them to stop. Seriously. Sign this.
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