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BREAK TRANCE. lets all goto and type in 
vegan venn diagram      from

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Plumbing and public water sanitation are the real unsung heroes in the war against disease:

The scumbags *really* want to stop our next storm. NASA's satellite image for 4-9-15:

What To Do When Cops Pull You Over - Eddie Craig talks to Jakari Jackson about what you have to do when you have been pulled over by the police.   Learn more:
Secrets Police Don't Want You To Know -

In this 5-minute clip - - I discuss what happened at Valley Forge Christian College in rural Pennsylvania in the early 2000s. It was an eye-opening moment for most of the students. For detailed information about the best religious arguments in support of veganism, check out the BIBLE and QURAN essays on my site (both located in OTHER ANIMAL ISSUES). There are a few posts on my FB page about this topic, too. And for the atheists out there, even though you donít believe in God, you need to LEARN how to properly discuss animal liberation as it pertains to religion in the same way you can properly discuss the unscientific nature of vivisection even though you arenít a scientist.
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