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WTF - COP gets SHOT when it's 4 cops on unruly family of 8.
SO partner renders first aid to shot cop. leaving only 2 cops standing.
then 2 or 4 more cops show up and it's still utter CHAOS
What do you think American is going to look like after SHTF when the Dollar Collapses or GRID DOWN? 
Wal-Mart Video Dash Camera Video from Wal-Mart Incident 03-21-2015. This video is graphic. 
Police Release Video Of Deadly Brawl In Arizona Walmart!quotesstats/c1iqk
Truth or Drought | QUOTES/STATS 

Carl Junction, Missouri ends fluoridation:

Residents of Gloucester, Massachusetts will be able to vote (non-binding) on ending fluoridation because councilors appear to lack the courage to end it themselves:

Infowars continues coverage of the police state takeover in America.

JPMorgan Chase CEO: Economic Crisis Inevitable

Tonight, A Nation Guard Captain discriminates against Infowars coverage of a dirty bomb drill, and, veterans launch 'Counter Jade Helm' operations. Details & more on the Infowars Nightly News - Tune in at 7pm cst

On this Friday, April 10 edition of the Alex Jones Show, we continue our coverage of the federal government willfully violating the Constitution and Posse Comitatus as additional evidence surfaces showing local government and the Pentagon conspiring to keep domestic exercises secret. Infowars reporters reveal the California National Guard refusing to provide details on a dirty bomb exercise. We also look at additional cases of police brutality as a revealing Walter Scott dashcam video surfaces and another video shows cops beating a man who had surrendered to police. Other coverage includes professional race-baiter Al Sharpton making cop shootings worse, the outrageous over-prescribing of pain killers and the upcoming political circus sideshow as Hillary prepares to announce her candidacy in Iowa. 
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