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Pour your tap water into a Pitcher at night, or a big wide stainless steel skillet, or into GLASSES. Let the Chloramine EVAPORATE for 1 2 or 3 days.
do this for a month.
after 1 month try tap water straight out of FAUCET 
you will be ASSAULTED by the CHLORAMINE
you will be AMAZED that you did NOT realize how toxic your water is.

SF water is PURE Hetch Hetchy water + Fluoride + Chloramine.

Brita nd PUR do NOTHING to take out EITHER of these TOXINS. Therefore EVAP on Kitchen counter is GOOD whereas PUR and BRITA are a WASTE OF MONEY

It's about the TURBULENCE, even Pouring into glass at FULL FORCE mixes it up, more evaporates.

The Farther you are from your water treatment plant, the more the Chloramine breaks down into Chlorine and Ammonia, which can then evaporate.
So for most people 75% is broken down by the time it gets to their house.

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WHEN DO WE INSIST 'ENOUGH IS ENOUGH?' "There comes a time we need to crystallize all that’s being plainly revealed into a very clear picture that brings personal action and a conscious response. The global engineers are enacting a full spectrum attack on humanity, to not just subdue, control and transform the world’s populations, but to reduce it by slowly maiming and killing it off."
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