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FOLLOW THE MONEY -- Profits rise for Irish fluoride supplier:

Renowned chef criticized by Australian Health Minister for his stance against fluoridation. Instead of debating the facts, the minister resorts to ridicule and name-calling:

#‎MeanWhileInRussia: 1800 Siberians set Guiness record for the world's largest downhill ride in swim suits 
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Video: Cop Shoots at Dog in Crowded Area; “You Almost Shot Me”"Are you serious? There are kids out here"

On this Monday, April 20 edition of the Alex Jones Show, we look into how support for gun rights toppled gun control in a latest poll, how armed National Guard troops conducted exercises near a public playground and how a cop shot at a dog in a crowded area, narrowing missing innocent people. We also look into how Monsanto and other major corporations are paying Internet trolls to attack activists fighting against corporate abuse of the public. LIVE 11am-2pm ct
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