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Would you allow a microchip to be implanted in your brain to replace your computer passwords? That's what Paypal wants...

Latest update on the Oath Keepers in Oregon


Liberals And Nazis Agree Vaccines For The Greater Good
David Knight breaks down how informed consent is the most important thing for your health. Help us spread ...

BREAKING: For the first time in history, a judge has granted an order to show cause and writ of habeas corpus for nonhuman animals, two chimpanzees who've been used for biomedical experimentation. Kudos, Nonhuman Rights Project. This is HUGE! 
Animal Farm For Modern Man 

- - - - - 4:20

ALCOHOL helped turn our peaceable respectable pot smoking happy hippy fest into a dangerous bottle throwing bloody event.

Helicopter filming from SouthEast closer to Stanyan/ Kezar, looking NORTHWEST with Tennis Courts to Northwest at Top of Screen, Carousel to Lower Left. Hella Party. Hella Little Fights. This is BAD, too much bridge and tunnel. 
Getting close to being the next Pillow Fight/ NYE castro / Halloween Castro / Pink Saturday, the way GANG BANGERS come into fight, and beat people up. 
so sad.
As the last half dozen fights lit off late in the day, a hundred or two hundred thugs and wannabes would rush the center, and still more on the outside would throw bottles toward the center. 
Very Bad.
Lots of EMTs visiting kids with blood gushing down their faces... sigh
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