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McDonald's to close 900 stores amid falling profits
The company posted a $400 million profit loss for the first three months of this year. McDonald's has been struggling to keep its menu popular as food trends have changed, leading the chain with falling sales and dwindling customers.

Could it be that more and more of you out there are waking up to the reality that they are serving GMO chemical laden trash rather than nutritious food and are opting out of their slop they have been serving and you are now eating organic whole foods? Hmmm....

"Why Japan banned the MMR vaccine." After the MMR vaccine harmed 1.8 million of their citizens they decided to make some changes to reduce harm to their population and out went the MMR.

China to Purchase the Federal Reserve

Students Banned from READING BOOKS on School Bus! "Too Dangerous" "Might Poke Eye Out" Seriously. This is a real story!

Secrets of Call of Duty: Black Ops 3
Infowars reporters Lee Ann McAdoo, Rob Dew and Joe Biggs analyze the new “Call of Duty: Black Ops III” trailer and discuss whether humanity’s future will face a similar fate.

Scientists find radioactive WWII aircraft carrier off San Francisco coast

After the guy plowed into me from behind (in attempt to start something?) those guys were yelling "WORLDSTAR! WORLDSTAR" as they ran from one rumble to the next…
     Thugs Gangstas and wannabes run and flock to every new fight, or start one

"WORLD STAR" is what mob members say when they see a fight and are excited about it as they record it for the "WORLDSTAR" fight video sharing site on the internet.

Blacks make up 13% of US Population but commit 50% of violent crimes. Getting worse.
Blacks at Hippy Hill SF 4:20 threw multiple Bottles into the center of the last big scuffle.
That was worse than the random bottles thrown throughout the day. Ask any EMT.
There was so much BLOOD running down faces of innocent by-stander kids hit by bottles...
Blacks try to start fights, I should know, I got shoulder-checked from behind by one of a gang 6 black teens running from Stanyan/ East area towards Hippy Hill up into the AMP / Guitar area on the East of the Hill looking for trouble later in the day 7pm.

Gangs of black kids roamed Castro Halloween and NYE for years until they were closed for violence.

A radio station or Promo company had Carnaval Dancers at Castro with animal/Carnival Balloons attached to their bodies like feather Dress attire. A gang of black youth was chasing them, popping and pulling their balloons at Market and Castro Heading West on North side of St. That was 10 years ago but around the same time
I would bring my Giant 4 x 8 foot Foam Core 911 INSIDE JOB backed with 
HOW DID OUR OIL GET UNDER THEIR SAND lined with 911 Deception Dollars taped up and down the sides
Black youth would run up and Rip em off, for kicks and fun, so I would try to explain that this was a protest against Bush.

BIG black guy was verbally Gay Bashing one scared guy with his back against the wall at 444 Castro SF when I walked by. Minutes later I saw that same guy BASHING the poor guy's head into the sidewalk.
Later that same thug was at the ARCO 398 Castro getting more alcohol Bragging to friends and reenacting the act with his body gestures. He was so proud.
     CASTRO is quiet now with all Big events: NYE, Halloween, PINK SATURDAY gone

I do not think it is doing a service to be all PC and leave race out of this. 
Some black folks are looking to fight. It is getting worse in SF and other cities.

     PILLOWFIGHT gangs
2012 Black teen shirtless guy with silver / diamond jeweled 3" cross necklace
took out half of my hearing in my left year in the 250 Mhz to 500 Mhz range. 
Permanently damaged the scillia in my cochlea. I was on the sidewalk of Market St. I was not in Justin Herman Plaza. I did not have a pillow. He came up behind me. My life has sucked more since then as I can not hear over the ringing in my ear in noisy situations. He was part of a gang of 7.

Gunshots, gangs of black youth running. year after year. 2 yrs ago Grove @ Market running West on Grove by Library, end of day. 
Previous year incident Larkin @ McAllister, running North on Larkin. End of day.

SO I've been watching random Black on white violence in SF for over a decade, without calling it out. Now there is so much blood. Gotten worse since Ferguson etc. But it was bad even before that.
And so many of us have learned that PillowFight is dangerous, but many have not.

IF I do not warn people, then so many more will get injured or killed. I can not be quiet.
White folk need to check their shit and stop their hate in this racial cycle of injustice. 
Cause there are elements within non white communities who are really pissed, and violent, in part due to racism. 

oh yeah and alcohol. alcohol makes whites and blacks and everybody really Fing stupid.
I bet if pot were legal and available all this time I would not have ever needed to write one word of this.

- stunning visuals

as the day turned towards night, crowds of 100 -200 would rush the center of each scuffle
like an iris reacting to sunlight, like a donut squeezing, such a visual to to see circular crowd rush toward every flare-up.
shit woulda got so out of hand if cops didn't break it up
the fights brawls/ flare-ups got worse and of greater frequency till 5 minutes before 7pm, till 5 minutes after 7pm shit was fucked up
if it keeps going like this there will be bodies
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