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Rioters looted a CVS store, set it on fire, then cut the firehose of the firefighters trying to put out the flames.
Some police reaction is in question as well:
‪#‎BaltimoreRiots‬ ‪#‎FreddieGray‬

UPDATE: Baltimore protesters are attacking cop cars, shattering windows and throwing concrete. At least 7 officers have been injured  with broken bones; 1 is "unresponsive," officials say: #Baltimore city erupts after the death of #FreddieGray. 
Mother caught on camera slapping son at #Baltimore riots.

Looters Stealing Toilet Paper, Napkins, and Paper Towel in Baltimore Riot CHAOS - RIOTS in BALTIMORE - MARTIAL LAW - forced on America soon

Same thing I saw at Hippy hill 4:20 SF : mobs of people throwing Bottles at other groups of people...
Now here it looks like racist black folk.
Hippy hill it was just black folk throwing shit into the center of the commotion
just for the hell of it I guess, cause to they love a fight, or a rumble, or just to fuck shit up. More insane footage from the #BaltimoreRiotsDisturb 
Reality More insane footage from the #BaltimoreRiotsDisturb Reality
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