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They let them riot just like in 1999 when they let well meaning white people protest in Seattle against GMOs against WTO in Seatle then they 
INSERT 50 Agent Provacateur VANDALS funded by the FORD Foundation run by the DELTA FORCE to wear BLACK BLOC dress and SMASH WINDOWS so the COPS could start BASHING HEADS and PAINT the PORTRAIT that protesters were VIOLENT

Romans were aggressive cause they were lining their pots with Lead (Pb). 
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SHUT UP, CONSPIRACY THEORIST! Remember this when you are told not to believe the government experimented on people without their consent, the CIA smuggled drugs into this country, or that 9-11 was an inside job. Shouting at the top of your lungs usually helps! 
How to Film a Revolution - a tutorial - Occupy the Movie

If the Auto Industry Operated Like the Vaccine Industry... 

Lots of Free tracks

Gov't Admits Fluoride Is Bad For You 
Alex Jones discusses the latest victory where the government has been forced to admit that fluoride is actually harmful.

Safe drinking water is a human rights issue. These citizens are doing everything they can to protect their water source:

Douglas Main of Newsweek covers today's fluoridation news and provides some good quotes from Dr. Philippe Grandjean, an environmental health researcher and physician at Harvard University:

New US Genocidal Weapon
The New US Corporate Category of Weapons is the Genocidal Weapon. Large Sectors of the Earth Are Now Being Sterilize By Using Uranium Oxide Aerosol.

Humans are the most vile, disgusting, evil, psychotic THING to ever disgrace this earth. We are a sick, twisted mistake of a species. We are monsters and devils. From the moment animals are born, they are terrified of us. And who could blame them!.


Demonic Drone Bullets Are Here - TRANSHUMANISM 

Baltimore Riots: Mayor Ordered Police to Stand Down

Jade Helm Crisis Actors Used as Sovereign Citizens To Be Rounded Up
Alex Jones talks with Infowars reporters David Knight and Joe Biggs about Operation Jade helm.

Social media pages run by the George Soros-founded Open Society Foundations appeared to justify violence in Baltimore, in particular against police.

Martial Law To Be Declared As Solution To Baltimore Riots
Alex Jones breaks down how the escalating violence in Baltimore is exactly the sort of scenario that will be used to justify martial law.

Alex Jones talks with Infowars reporters Joe Biggs and Jakari Jackson about Operation Jade helm.

99% of Gun Owners Flagged for Confiscation Are Vets, Flagged by VA
As violence erupts in Baltimore, encouraged by the Mayor providing space for those who wish to...

Soros-group Advocates Violence Against Cops in Baltimore
Foundation played role in agitating demonstrators during Ferguson protests.

Is "Thug" The New N-Word?
Alex Jones discusses how the media is reporting on the escalating tensions in Baltimore and making them worse.

On this Tuesday, April 28 edition of the Alex Jones Show, we continue our exhaustive coverage of the ‪#‎BaltimoreRiots‬ as troops begin entering the city to impose a curfew and perhaps even martial law. Rioters have burned at least 15 buildings and have injured 15 cops as well as reporters. Matt Drudge warned that America could fall in the aftermath of the Baltimore riots. Simply put, the ultimate threat to humanity is looking at us in the mirror. 
Details +more LIVE at 11am-2pm ct - Tune in

Tonight, Breaking news on Baltimore's mayor who ordered police to allow looters to destroy if they wish, is revealed to be a key player in the federal takeover of police, and later, The AARP uses a subliminal broadcast about martial law on a public service announcement. Details & more on the 
Infowars Nightly News - Tune in at 7pm cst

Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, who gave rioters “space to destroy” property and reportedly told police to stand down, was a key player in the Justice Dept.’s plan to expand federal control over local law enforcement.

WOW - Soros funded leftist media labels pleas for nonviolence racist, calls for violence as a legitimate political strategy

No war on drugs = No war in Baltimore.
End the war on drugs.     End prisons for profit.
"Breaking: Iran Opens Fired On USA Cargo Ship And Detained it"
BREAKING Iran has opened fire on a USA Cargo Ship and detained it taking it to Iranian sea port Bandar Abbas with 34 US Sailors aboard  

CHINA is #1
4000 people are executed annually in China versus the 46 people here in the U.S. Even though our system here in the U.S is not the best it sure beats the system in China.
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