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An apple a day vs a ‪#‎Statin‬ drug:

Wow! Foster The People's Mark Pontius for ‪#‎NoAgGag‬. Amazing pic!!!
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SB 277 targets genetically susceptible children! Here's why a government mandate is so dangerous to children...

New FDA proposal would let drug companies advertise that package insert warnings are wrong. (Who is running the asylum?)

The Feds have finally admitted that fluoride causes harm and have lowered the recommended concentration of fluoride in water. This would be good news except for the fact that the new 0.7ppm limit is pure politics and not protective of public health in the slightest - recent studies show that the limit should be set at .05ppm (based on fluoride and arsenic risk). That limit would effectively end fluoridation.
That said, it's good that fluoride is receiving lots of recent national media attention and the move to lower the recommendation might get people thinking "Hey wait a minute, if fluoride is completely "safe and effective" like you say is, why are you lowering the limit?".
Its important to remember that the HHS recommendation is only that, a recommendation. The declaration is unenforceable and non-binding, water utilities and local govts can ignore the recommendation if they want. Please share this new development with your friends and loved ones and with your water utilities and elected officials.
     WATER drought
"Nowhere in the world does a national water plan exist that addresses the issue that meat and dairy are among the most water-intensive consumer products, let alone that national water policies somehow involve consumers or the meat and dairy industry in this respect." ‪#‎TruthorDrought‬

     Health Trolls
INTENTIONALLY MUDDYING THE DEBATE: "In this shocking piece, Greenwald publishes a copy of a spy training manual used entitled: “The Art of Deception: Training for Online Covert Operations.” Greenwald writes that agencies like the NSA are “attempting to control, infiltrate, manipulate, and warp online discourse, and in doing so, are compromising the integrity of the internet itself.”

Today’s political cartoon: ‪#‎Baltimore‬ oppressed by 50 years of Democrat policies ‪#‎tcot‬ ‪#‎Tlot‬ ‪#‎teaparty‬

The reports about the coming Jade Helm 15 operation across the southwest continue to suggest that this is not merely a standard training exercise to prepare our military personnel for foreign engagements as has been suggested by officials.


Smart Cities: Called “Smart” Condemning Others as Stupid

Congress is desperate to keep the PATRIOT Act in force so they can keep spying on us. In my latest Liberty Report we take apart the ill-named FREEDOM Act, which masquerades as reform but is nothing of the sort. Special guest today is my former legislative director, Norman Singleton.


Stand up and support your right to protect yourself. This is something that our founding fathers understood. They had to defend their freedom, and their lives. Watch the two videos, very informative. LIKE and SHARE with your family and friends.

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Are you seeing this post? Facebook has been CENSORING independent media posts for the last 3 days! They say it's a "glitch" but is it really a Ministry of Truth "kill switch?" SHARE this if you can (while you still can)...

Tonight, A prisoner who shared the transport van with Freddy Gray says that Freddy was trying to injure himself, meanwhile, the New York Post reports that the police van made a mystery stop before heading to the precinct, and later, what do Al Sharpton, the Mayor of Baltimore & Barack Obama all have in common? Findout the details & more on the 
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