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BAN LEAFBLOWERS today. California is in DROUGHT. More leaves on ground protect soil for from Drying rays of sun. 
Leaves decompose into soil, store water, require less irrigation.
NATURAL land requires NO SPRINKLERS. Mother Nature does not need water PIPES.
DENUDED land with NO leaves will result in DEAD TREES when water works FAILS.
Natural LAND with HEALTHY HUMUS top soil will result in HEALTHY TREES after utility FAIL.


Billionaire investor Warren Buffett's company is investing in mega-junk food companies because junk food "makes people happy" - that is, until they are stricken with a junk food-caused disease like diabetes or a heart attack:

Earlier this year, a North Carolina nutrition blogger won a case against a state licensing board that was infringing on his free speech rights, but many more battles remain as government-corporate cronyism seeks to control information the public sees:

"I'm Slavin' It" - McDonald's workers to stage mass protests over wages:


The Lies of Jade Helm

George Carlin on who owns what -- everywhere:

"Women are like teabags... you never know how strong they are until they are in hot water!" - Eleanor Roosevelt
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