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Both lead and FLUORIDE increase the rate of violent crime--and cause the resulting additional costs.

Phthalates contaminating aquifers in Shasta from factory bottle rinsewater
600,000 32 oz plastic bottles per day. NO EIR. No Enviro Impact Report.  
Water Crisis: Mt.Shasta Versus Crystal Geyser : Local Activists Demand Environmental Impact Report for more info

Take note =- this is something that can't be allowed. Be aware.
Crystal Geyser to tap Siskiyou County groundwater
A private water bottling company will soon be sucking up thousands of gallons a day from an aquifer that feeds the Sacramento River, the primary source of drinking water for millions. from 
primary polyphenol in the spice turmeric — known as curcumin – as an ideal agent worth testing as a neuroprotective substance

Study: Virgin Coconut Oil More Effective than Drugs in Combating Stress and Depression
     A recent study conducted in Malaysia looked at the effects of consuming high-antioxidant virgin coconut oil on mental health. Published in the journal Experimental and Therapeutic Medicine and believed to be the first study of its kind, researchers evaluated the anti-stress and antioxidant effects of virgin coconut oil in mice with stress-induced injuries.
     The title of the study is "Antistress and antioxidant effects of virgin coconut oil in vivo." Their results were quite impressive, and suggest that using a high quality virgin coconut oil can rival antidepressant drugs without the dangerous side effects.

Sanitation prevents disease ...

Jade Helm is NOT a martial law takeover but it does prepare the military for civil unrest here in America.

Robert F Kennedy Jr in Vermont: "Big Pharma’s game plan is to remove parental informed consent"

Saturday satire: Don't forget your JADE HELM Memory Wipes! Conveniently erases all memory of American history. Extremely useful before elections!

A lesson all Americans should learn.
"The evidence is clearly in and it doesn’t support the case for the Federal Reserve."

Why Joni Mitchell fears she’s being eaten alive by bugs from outer space: 
Geoengineer keeps forgetting he discussed poisoning 
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