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Stinson spring water has Lead, or so I am told. Not sure how much. Harbin has Arsenic. maybe just a trace? Not worried about it. 
Britta and Pur do NOTHING for SF water cause (I thought) SF water was CLEAN yosemite Hetch Hetchy water with Fluoride and Chloramine added... neither of which are removed by Britta or PUR
‪‬ to find FREE local spring water near you. I like Adobe Springs SouthEast of Livermore... 19 miles West of Patterson on Hwy 5 Magnesium Bicarbonate water so good for you!
I drink water before I shower. Then my skin will not take up chlorine as my cells are expelling water, not absorbing. I know this works cause I do not smell like chlorine after bathing in a chlorine hot tub using this technique.
Lemon helps to remove fluoride from your body, as do spirulina / chlorella. If you leave your SF tap water out for 48 / 72 hours in GLASSES or Stainless Steel skillets overnight. The Chloramine will evaporate. Try this for a month then taste your tap water. YUCK. you will never want to drink tap water again.
Calistoga free spring at Mile Marker #48 used to fill up after ‪‬ after every Harmony Fest and Earthdance, with 50 to 70 gallons. Never heard any bad news about trace metals in that srping. Would to hear feedback from others.
Therefore my 2 fav springs are Adobe and Calistoga. Empire Grade has one in Santa Cruz, down in a gravel parking lot. but it is SO SLOW.
Calistoga is 1.5 GPM to 1.5 MPG depending... on season and / or how "they" ? set it. ADOBE is FAST! 5GPM? 20 GPM?

fry your BRAIN! alter your DNA and RNA with Microwave Radiation. YAY!
so you wanna nuke your kids, or at least your sperm and eggs
wifi kills
see also: electrosmog

Europeans Face Same Hurdles as Americans in Banning Mercury Amalgam


Explosion, smoke at Indian Point nuclear plant north of NYC

Interesting link and article shared with us from one of our FB friends. Source:
Microwave Weapons Military Convoy In Jade Helm 15 Nevada
A microwave weapons convoy was seen in Jade Helm 15 permissive state Nevada and video emailed to All News Pipeline. These weapons are used for crowd control ...
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