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Specifically, we’re talking about the ‘devastation’ of your gut health — the attack on the most important part of your biological immune response.
Lab Tests: McDonald’s ‘Devastates’ Gut Health in 10 Days
Subject also 'turned strange grey' color.

The Alex Jones Show (VIDEO Commercial Free) Thursday May 14 2015: Jeffrey Smith, Percy Schmeiser

Liberals wants taxpayers to pay for returning ISIS terrorists to get counseling and jobs!

iRobot, the maker of the popular Roomba robot vacuum, wants to develop roving robots which use on-board cameras to map your home and identify what you own.
Roomba Maker to Develop “Smart Robots” to Surveil Your Home
Your very own Imperial probe droids mapping your living room, bedroom, kitchen…

Breaking: Amtrak Derailment Revealed
America’s crumbling infrastructure worsens by the day

Caught in a Lie: Jade Helm 15
Military claims landowners giving access to property.
Infowars Reporter Joe Biggs exposes the lies disseminated by the feds regarding Jade Helm, highlighting the times the military has bribed local governments in order to domestic training.

Russia Tips The Grand Chess Board
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