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Must Watch Share! Republic vs. Democracy - 
Why Anarchy does not work- And So Much More - 
What Is The Real Form of the U.S. Government
Boston Marathon Attack Hoax 2013 was a holywood style hoax. smoke bomb and fake injuries

BOSTON BOMB BUSTED Amputee Drops Fake Leg In Street

Too funny (and too true!)
If people behaved in real life like they do in online dating - One struggle, one fight, animal liberation, FK human rights! The latest lie being spread about me is that Im a racist because I said Palestinians were crazy. But if I distrust or hate all humans and the way we behave, I am a misanthrope NOT a racist! Yet, my misanthropy causes no actual harm contrary to the human rights hypocrites who actively support violent exploitation AND murder every time they sit down to a meal. In this 15-minute video, I discuss the insanity of humans rights activists and Palestinians who victimize animals in the Gaza Strip, the lunacy of black Americans who demand police reform but treat animals worse than the cops have ever treated them, and the Nepalese Hindus who openly worship ISIS by beheading millions of animals in murder-sacrifice festivals. Keep in mind, as a misanthrope, I distrust/hate white people, too, and Hispanics, Asians, Israelis, men, women, heterosexuals, homosexuals, Republicans, Democrats, etc.

PETA & ‪#‎JasonBiggs‬' -anti-SeaWorld commercial may be sarcastic & funny, but the TRUTH about how ‪#‎SeaWorld‬ abuses orcas is not: [via BuzzFeed]
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