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9 DEAD in WACO 18 injured
Remembering the Waco Massacre, when the BATF and FBI burned 76 people to death, most of them little children, we should not forget that it began as a publicity stunt for the BATF, complete with members of the press assembled to applaud law enforcement. This recent incident, which the cops knew about in advance, ended with much publicity about the greatness and necessity of cops to protect us from bikers. We know the cops shot bikers. But who shot first? Was the whole event, if not staged then allowed to take place, for propaganda purposes?
AERIAL FOOTAGE] Biker Gang Shootout Waco, Texas - 17 May 2015
Gang Brawl in Waco, Texas Parking Lot
9 Dead in Waco Biker Gang Shooting 18 Injured 5-17-15
Waco Shooting Updates -- Ten people killed in Waco, Texas biker gang shooting
Biker Gang Brawl in Waco, Texas Ends in a Deadly Shootout
( ORIGINAL FOOTAGE ) Waco Texas Shooting 9 biker gangs Dead In Waco Texas
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