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US Government Admits Americans Have Been Overdosed On Fluoride

"Fluoride content of the plug and pouch forms of tobacco was highest, followed by cigar, snuff, pipe, and cigarette tobacco, respectively."

Alistair Smith, I can't read this hidden abstract but fluoride IS in tobacco and tobacco smoke. "Lung cancer: is fluoride in cigarette smoke an etiological factor?"
Fluoride is also high in air pollution. Isn't air pollution linked to cancer? Do dentists even bother to tell the public that tobacco smoke is loaded with fluoride? No? Why not?

It's hilarious how fluoride allegedly "protects" the teeth in America yet in Russia they are complaining how fluoride ROTS the teeth.
"In the former heart of the Soviet empire, deaths are far outpacing-births.
In Nadvoitsy, a small Russian town near the Finnish border, an estimated 4,000 children have been poisoned by fluoride, which replaces calcium in the body, leaving its victims with blackened, rotting teeth and weakened bones. Although the town's aluminum plant no longer dumps fluoride into unlined landfills, the contamination persists because neither the authorities nor the company can afford a full-fledged clean-up. Today, 5 to 10 percent of the town's kindergartners continue to exhibit signs of fluorosis."

I think the first thing a physician should think when he sees a patient with a calcium deficiency or hypocalcemia is chronic fluoride poisoning. Especially in the USA or Ireland.
"Owing to the corrosive nature of HF, its production is accompanied by the dissolution of silicate minerals, and, in this way, significant amounts of fluorosilicic acid is generated.[3]"
NOTE: Fluorosilicic acid is used in water fluoridation.
Dangerous stuff: "Once absorbed into blood through the skin, it reacts with blood calcium and may cause cardiac arrest."
But of course your dentist will think this crap is a "nutrient".
The Alex Jones Show (3rd HOUR-VIDEO Commercial Free) Tuesday May 19 2015: Dr. Edward Group

Tonight, We learn that during the Ferguson riots, protesters were getting handouts from George Soros, some getting 5k a month, and later, Hillary condescends to "talk" to the press, and later, drivers say insurance device put them in danger on the road.
Details and more at 7pm ct:

Blog post by Peter A. Kirby, San Rafael, CA researcher, activist and author of ebook Chemtrails Exposed: a History of the New Manhattan Project.

piggybacks on the "Denmark going cashless" post. folks. the clock is ticking. it's either wake up/rise up now. or deal with an ugly encroaching future. your choice. slow boiling frogs.

Update on The Hangout Beach, Music and Arts Festival entrance security searches. Their security manager confirms that they feel they are legally entitled to "lightly touch" your genitals upon entry to look for drugs. I disagree..Ill update you as we continue to push this issue..


One of North America's largest grain processors has decided to stop accepting oats sprayed with glyphosate prior to harvest! Grain Millers, Inc., says the Monsanto-manufactured herbicide is damaging oats and reducing levels of heart-healthy soluble fiber. It also says consumers just don't want glyphosate-sprayed oats!

THE KHAZARIAN NEW WORLD ORDER: "Humanity’s World Wars have been Khazar World Wars (KWWs). Conception/deception, driving wedges in alliances, financing of all sides, mopping up (securing the gold), financing reconstruction while rearming the world for the next destruction…a Satanic Mobius strip from old Khazaria. War is the top racket on Earth when you can simply print “money” to feed the monster. War backed by nothing but profit; currency backed by nothing but confidence, super-Illuminated con games."
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