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See which oils are the best for cooking with:

Aloe Vera and Coconut Oil Shown To Be Powerful Healing Combination 
Placental Fluorosis: Fluoride and Preeclampsiaby John D. MacArthur
A Noble Lie : The Oklahoma City Bombing of 1995
by freemindfilmschannel - The 1995 bombing in Oklahoma City was a direct blow to the heart of America. 168 people were killed, inclu...

Breaking Man speaks out about the BLM Burning down homes! Militia!

Spirulina Kills 83% of Pancreatic Cancer Cells in Vitro: An extract of spirulina was just discovered to kill 83% of human pancreatic cancer cells (PA-TU-8902) and also to slow growth of pancreatic tumors in mice by nearly 50% when fed to the mice orally. The spirulina extract was also highly toxic to each of the two other pancreatic cancer types tested. Spirulina is a nutrient dense blue-green alga which past research has shown may have numerous health benefits, including boosting the immune system, treating candida overgrowth, controlling appetite, and possibly controlling blood sugar in diabetes. Spirulina has also shown activity against prostate cancer, breast cancer, leukemia, melanoma and colon cancer. Sprirulina has also been used in clinical trials on boosting immunity (ongoing), detox for arsenic poisoning, and treating patients with HIV. Spirulina powder and tablets are widely available and make a great addition to a detox diet, anticancer diet or immune-boosting diet.
‪#‎Spirulina‬ ‪#‎PancreaticCancer‬ ‪#‎Detox‬ ‪#‎Candida‬

The Vaccine Safety Myth

The truth is going to come out. The CDC whistleblower story is exploding, and despite the best efforts of the mainstream media to maintain a total media blackout on the story, the truth is spreading like wildfire across the internet and social media.
The essence of the story is that CDC scientist William Thompson has admitted to committing scientific fraud over the last ten years in conjunction with other CDC scientists. They retroactively altered study data to hide the proven fact that MMR vaccines cause a huge increase in autism risk in African-American children, and the CDC’s top criminal, Dr. Julie Gerberding, orchestrated the entire fraud.
Now Rob Schneider, famous for his many roles in popular comedy movies, is urging the political leadership of California to investigate the fraud. More importantly, he also says he has a copy of “the original CDC report that was later suppressed and fraudulently changed.”

CIA Officer Robert David Steele: "Boston was a practice attempt to lock down an entire city"
Sandy Hook and Boston Marathon both False Flag (i.e., government operations in disguise)

Based on the following reports, they are going to implement Boston-style martial law this time over the whole USA. Just as the recent French version of the patriot act followed Charlie Hebdo, in the footsteps of 9/11 and Patriot act. Same planners control the US as well as EU. There are only a few independent countries in the world : Iran, Syria, Venezuela, Cuba . .  . - all the ones being demonized on the elite-owned media. 

Is the Federal Government Ready for War Against the American People?
"John W. Whitehead astutely pointed out that virtually every government agency unrelated to either the armed forces or law enforcement has morphed into a militarized SWAT team army . . .  Whitehead goes on to list the enormous stockpiling of bullets and guns that some of these “noncombatant” agencies have been accumulating. The ominous conclusion can only be that they will be used against fellow American citizens."

When The Elites Wage War On America, This Is How They Will Do It
"Crisis is the best weapon the elites have at their disposal, and exercises like Jade Helm show that they may use that weapon in the near term. The defense that defeats crisis is preparation — preparation not just for yourself, but for others around you. War is coming, and while we can’t know the exact timing, we can assume the worst and do our best to be ready for it as quickly as possible."

- - - - - Sat May 30 2015 Guinness says it is POSSIBLE that DUBLIN STOUT has 6 times the FLUORIDE of LONDON STOUT. Medicinal levels of LITHIUM TOO!

Concerned About Mass Die-Offs, Morgan Freeman Converted His Ranch Into a Bee Sanctuary -
8.5 Earthquake Strikes Japan 
Earthquake Japan - Magnitude 8.5 - Building Collapse Tokyo - Tsunami ? 05/30/2015 


This Is How Little It Cost Goldman To Bribe America's Senators To Fast Track Obama's TPP Bill | Zero Hedge

PARADOX POLLACK - TedX - "Primal Technology" - April 2014
My TedX talk, hosted by De:Spacio in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

Four months after this interview Larry McDonald was on the Korean Airlines 747 allegedly shot down by the Soviets. It's not enough to stay clear of small planes, it seems. This is a must-watch, if only to see the public humiliation of CFR stooge Tom Braden.
Disaster exercise in GR area set for late June
A major disaster exercise involving a dirty bomb and multiple casualties is set for the end of June in the Grand Rapids area. (May 26, 2015)

Below are key excerpts of revealing news articles on a leading medical journal's revelation that up to half of all claims in scientific literature may be untrue, the purchase of U.S. congressional votes to "fast track" the contentious Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), the deterioration of antitrust rules in the U.S. leading to monopolized industries, and more.
     Read also wonderfully inspiring articles on the programs being developed to break the poverty cycle for women in Cambodia, Denmark's ambitious plan to rely only on renewable energy by 2050, the Atlanta school that looks like "Hogwarts" and produces incredibly rigorous academic outcomes, and more.

- - - - - Fri May 29 2015
The Alex Jones Show (VIDEO Commercial Free) Friday May 29 2015: Wayne Madsen, William F. Jasper
Waco Event Spelled Out In The Cards! Illuminati Card Game Turns 33 In With the entire world's eyes on Texas ahead of Jade Helm 15 with...

Former U.S. Treasury Official Dr. Paul Craig Roberts Warns Black Swans Will Engulf The World: "It's A Perfect Storm"

Nothing to see here. Move along. Just the 50th or so dead banker.
Drink your Fluoride. Go back to sleep.
Another one (banker) bites the dust...
Man falls to death outside luxury building
A man fell to his death outside a luxury apartment building that overlooks New York Harbor in the Financial District on Thursday morning, authorities said. The man was found dead around 10:40 a.m. ...

Remember when: Merck Created Hit List to "Destroy," "Neutralize" or "Discredit" Dissenting Doctors
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