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A.I. Has All Your Info:

AND JUST WHO ARE THOSE MONEY / POWER BROKERS? Although this film is a bit dated back to the Bush II presidency, it does bring to light those big money players in this country, and around the world. Learn about who is really in charge:


Mystery Revealed:

CIA runs billion-dollar narcotics trade.
Here we break down who really runs the drugs on the streets and uses deadly force to keep the people in line.

As reported today by CBC/Radio-Canada, the Regional District of Okanagan-Similkameen (RDOS) is calling for an “immediate cessation” of smart meter installations as well as “removal of those meters already installed.” The district's board chair, Mark Pendergraft, said a recent report from 200 scientists about radiation from wireless devices, including smart meters, has convinced the board that they are a… [ 1267 more words. ]

All Wars Are Bankers' Wars 

- - - - - Tue Jun 2 2015

One of the most important videos of the year, please share.

Did you know that particles of plastic found in personal care products go unfiltered through sewage treatment plants and end up contributing to plastic particle pollution in the bay? Learn about how microbeads pollute waterways and California’s efforts to ban the use of microbeads in soaps and cosmetics.

Jade Helm is Project Loki :

- - - - - Mon Jun 1 2015 

14 Reasons You Should Absolutely Never Consider Going Vegan 

Could Beau Biden's brain cancer death have been prevented? What really caused it in the first place?

Tech Zombie: (is screen time hurting you?)


Controversial Bill ‪#‎SB277‬ Referred to Single ‪#‎Assembly‬ Committee Bypasses Education and Judicial Scrutiny
We The People cry FOUL!

MSM Exposing SBS as False Diagnosis – How Many Innocent Parents Have Suffered?

We need the POOLS in case of EARTHQUAKE for WATER supply. 
think COLLAPSE / Grid Down / $ dollar Collapse / EMP / War 
We could all have POOLS with plenty of water to spare if we eat a plant based diet.

"They say the notion that a pool is any worse than a yard is a myth."
And lawns use more water than all other household uses. The bigger impact would be to not water plants that don't produce food.
Can we stop giving attention to red herrings when discussing water conservation?

California drought throws cold water on swimming pools - SFGate
Once a pillar of suburban comfort, the backyard swimming pool is now the prey of many California communities trying to save water.


BREAKING: Certain medications cause people to commit murder... 100 million Americans are taking these right now...
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