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Oath Keepers - Declaration of orders we will NOT obey.

Obi Wan Kenobi Makes Dire Bilderberg Warning
Obi Wan Kenobi warns of Bilderberg 2015 and how perilous it truly is. Help us spread the word about the liberty movement, we're reaching millions help us rea...

The way California-based Lightning in a Bottle has chosen to manage potential drug use at their event has the power to transform the way all festivals address drug use and safety issues.

Breaking: Obamatrade Deal Making Access To Citizens Data Available:

Petitions launched to demand ‪#‎HomeDepot‬ and ‪#‎Lowe‬'s stop selling cancer-causing ‪#‎glyphosate‬! ‪#‎cancer‬

Scientists recommend mercury-free fillings for children and pregnant women... what's in your mouth?
PS: get Acrylic fillings. not BPA fillings... DOH!

     Sandy Hook Hoax
Newtown Official claims Homeland Security was involved in Sandy Hook!   

Kennedy Drops Bombshell: "70% News Ad Revenue from Pharma"

     WWII death tally

A new film from the Producer of "WHAT and WHY in the World are They Spraying?"

PROJECT CLOVERLEAF HAS NOW BECOME INDIGO SKYFOLD: Check out this excellent website on what the chemtrail operation (Project Cloverleaf) is all about, until this site gets taken down again. The spray mixture has changed, and you would be best informed to know what Indigo Skyfold is all about:

Is Google playing with fire by gobbling up technology companies in order to develop and promote AI humanoid robots? Tesla CEO Elon Musk believes so, warning in his new autobiography that Google's AI endeavors threaten to destroy the human race:

Earlier this week, we reported on a ‘Ball of Fire’ from a Smart Meter Explosion at a home in Ontario, Canada. Veronica Onyskiw was interviewed on Talk Radio AM 640 in Ontario yesterday regarding the smart meter explosion that resulted in what she refers to as a “huge ball of fire” emanating from the side of her home. [ 404 more words. ]

JADE HELM 15 Has Already Begun
On Tuesday the residents of Flint, Michigan were rattled by explosions that resulted from a secretive Jade Helm 15 urban Army Exercise. When the local repres...

Bilderberg Group Look To Ban Use of Cash
Alex Jones & Paul Watson break down the upcoming Bilderberg Group meeting, taking place June 9-14th in the Austrian Mountains at the Interalpen Hotel. **Stay...

ProPublica reports that the Red Cross received half a billion dollars for Haiti relief but only built six homes.
Expert Predicts Anthrax Attacks Will Be Used To Push Russian War
Alex Jones talks with geopolitical expert Francis A. Boyle about the possibility of a coming war with Russia. Help us spread the word about the liberty movem...
LiveLeak Founder Joins Forces With Infowars To Expose Bilderberg Agenda
On today's show, the co-founder of, Hayden Hewitt, discusses Obamatrade, the attacks on on-line free speech and the rise of ISIS.
Hormone Replacement Therapy Courtesy of The Govt
I’m sure just about everyone has heard of BPA, but many people are still confused about its presence and safety risk. Simply put, bisphenol-A is a synthetic ...

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