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Wow ...If you have a young girl & are considering Gardasil Vaccine READ THIS FIRST.
... I wish more people were informed about vaccines. But alas with a hidden 'Vaccine Court' in the US the truth of vaccines is well hidden from the public in this country. Everyone should be asking WHY ARE VACCINE LAWSUITS A SECRET??? 

- - - - - Sun Jun 7 2015

Smoking DMT at the peak of an LSD trip - Terence

According to a June 2014 article featured in The Independent (UK), a major study conducted by researchers at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden found that women who avoid sunbathing during the summer are twice as likely to die as those who sunbathe every day. 

Will You Survive Being Sent To A FEMA Camp?


Why Is The EU Forcing European Nations To Adopt ‘Bail-In’ Legislation Within Months?:

Is a systemic market crash near? New mini-documentary by the Health Ranger explains "systemic risk":


Who's Next? China Finally Starts Snapping Up Gold Miners | Zero Hedge
One (perhaps the only) bright spot in the past few year’s gold market has been Chinese and Indian demand for the metal. But physical bullion is only part of the...

History lesson: One of America's favorite death merchants whose "1939 slogan, “Better Things for Better Living…Through Chemistry,” belies a destructive legacy that will last thousands of generations. One of the globe’s worst polluters, it pioneered the creation, marketing and coverup of almost every dangerous chemical toxin ever known."
Dupont - Facing the Corporate Roots of American Fascism
In the 1930s, the du Pont and Morgan family empires dominated the American corporate elite and their representatives were central figures in organizing and funding the American Liberty League. The du Pont family was so complicit in this fascist...

Just days after receiving vaccinations, a Tennessee baby girl died, her mother discovering blood and fluids coming from her ears, nose and mouth. Still, there's no mention of receipt of any vaccines on the autopsy report and the family was never informed of the increased risk their child had due to her ethnic background:

CDC reports on 2014-15 influenza season... the seasonal influenza vaccine was just 19% effective...  
NASA finally admits not going to the moon 

Elections For Jews Only

The Attempted Sinking of the USS Liberty (in 1967)
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