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Holy COW! California Governor Jerry Brown breaks his deafening silence regarding the elephant in the room amidst ongoing drought & unsustainable water depletion! Learn more:

BREAKING: Intense Brutal Clashes At The #G7 

Why The Rothschilds Invented Nazism - Eustace Mullins

Protocols of Zion, Nazism, Kabbalah & Talmud 

     Bilderberg 2015
Birdseye View of Bilderberg 2015
Infowars Reporter Rob Dew make a 1 hr hike up an Austrian mountain to catch the best view of the Interalpen hotel site of Bilderberg 2015

Guardian reporter raided hotel room by Bilderberg police

Armored Vehicle Joins Stingray Jammers At Bilderberg
Alex Jones talks with Infowars reporters live on the ground in Austria where the Bilderberg 2015 conference is about to begin. Help us spread the word about ...

The Bilderberg Group’s high-tech jamming system used to disrupt cellular communications is also likely used to suck up digital data, NSA-style.

Guardian Journalist Breaks Down Midnight Raid By Bilderberg Police
Alex Jones talks with Guardian journalist Charlie Skelton about his experiences at Bilderberg 2015. Help us spread the word about the liberty movement, we're...

Italian Parliament Rep. Paolo Bernini arrived at the front gates of the elite secret meeting ‪#‎Bilderberg‬ 2015.

The ‪#‎Bilderberg‬ Group orchestrated the 1973 Oil Crisis and talked OPEC into playing along to ensure that Anglo-American oil companies with ties to Bilderberg would profit from oil exploration in the North Sea. Watch the video:

InfoWars reporters are live on scene in Telfs, Austria, one of the only media outlets covering the ‪#‎Bilderberg‬ Group’s 63rd annual conference.
It’s a shame that such a beautiful, picturesque landscape is being used for such nefarious purposes.

Infowars’ ‘Mug Shots’ Featured at Bilderberg Checkpoint
Security tasked with focusing primarily on Infowars

Something Far More Dangerous Than Measles
California bill ‪#‎SB277‬ passed another major hurdle on the way to outlawing informed consent. Although there was massive opposition from the public, the law, like others being pushed nationally by the AMA, coerces compliance by requiring that all vaccines dictated by the medical cabal be taken, on their schedule, as a precondition of enrolling in any private or public school.
As you will hear in this video, vaccines can be more devastating to some people than the disease they’re meant to prevent. But removing informed consent — the lynchpin to protect against abuses like the Tuskegee syphilis experiments — puts us all at greater danger than any disease.

New US army camouflage uniforms have domestic rather than desert coloring.


     mckinney TX


Talking About Guns Online Could Soon Be A Crime
The new policy states “merely posting information on the Internet about common firearms” “could be interpreted as illegally sharing sensitive information wit...
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