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The Evil King Zion  

Customer Claims KFC Served Him Fried Rat - 
Yet another reason to stay far away from fast food?

California's drought-induced real estate collapse has now begun... wealthy communities plunge as taps run dry:

Hillary Clinton’s campaign do-over junket shut out a pool reporter Monday, even though the print media had vetted his news organization to provide on-the-ground coverage for the Clinton campaign.  
Neil Armstrong - NASA's Parrots & Truth's Protective Layers 

Such a hypothetical “invasion” would be exploited to usher in world government.

Read This Before Taking Your Money Out of the Bank

Fake News!! CNN & BBC Busted!! ISIS Is A Fake Threat!! 2014  

People that are “transabled” feel like imposters in their physically working bodies, as they possess a strong desire to be disabled:
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