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10 Ways to Avoid Fluoride Exposure 

Dallas Ends Water Fluoridation, Saves $1 Million
After months of city council meetings with regular visits from citizens concerned about the fluoridated water supply, Dallas council members…


Music can beat out anti-anxiety drugs, Mozart can reduce allergic reactions, and listening to our favorite tunes can significantly affect our testosterone levels.
Click the link to watch the video:


McDonald's to Close 700 Locations

Gingi Freeman, the woman behind “Urban Farmers for Food Freedom” and the Domestic Geek Girl blog speaks out about government overreach and how we can regain our rights if WE TAKE ACTION!

     The Festival Lawyer
The Festival Lawyer​ wants to know: "Do you even Fourth Amendment, bro?" Make sure you know your festival rights when it comes to tent, car and RV search warrants.

China to Retrofit Thousands of Merchant Ships For War
Beijing launches huge program as tensions with U.S. build.
    China is set to retrofit thousands of merchant ships for military purposes so they can be used in the event of a war, another disturbing indication of growing tensions between Beijing and Washington.

     Charleston Church Shooting 
THE ILLUMINATI WANT OUR GUNS (Charleston Church Shooting Fully Exposed) 

Lets not forget about this other COMPLETE BULLSHIT FAKE ASS SHOOTING HOAX.... i want you all to watch this in it's entirety. and tell me it looks "normal." wake the fuck up

whhaaaaaaaaaat!!!! bahahahahahaha… his mom just died. OMFG… this is RIDONKULOUS!!!
Charleston Shooting Hoax Crisis Actors "We Feel Nothing But Love" Exposed (Redsilverj) Charleston Shooting Hoax Crisis Actors "We Feel Nothing But... 

Here's some good news, as the Rothschild's have affected/infected every country in the world.

A Greek parliamentary "truth committee" has declared the country's debt to the IMF and ECB "illegal" and "odious," and therefore illegitimate, inviting a eurozone financial crisis and potential "grexit" from the EU:


African-Americans now rising up to fight mandatory vaccination legislation. Minister Tony Muhammad from the Nation of Islam recently gave a powerful speech in front of the capitol building in Sacramento, California, decrying Senate Bill 277. He warned crowd that lawmakers supporting such tyranny *will* be held accountable:

Murder statistics of blacks and whites in the US, 2013 (fixed)

Did You Know There Are More Slaves Now Than Ever?
Human 2020 puts a spotlight on modern day slavery. Help us spread the word about the liberty movement, we're reaching millions help us reach millions more. 
The Ultimate False Flag  

(Video) Paul Joseph Watson uses statistics to debunk any suggestion that the Charleston shooting proves America is racist.
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