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Does your city water contain Fluoride???
Fluoride Officially Classified as a Neurotoxin in World’s Most Prestigious Medical Journal
The movement to remove industrial sodium fluoride from the world’s water supply has been growing in recent years, with evidence coming out against the additive...

Every meal is an opportunity to build your health. 

#‎vegan‬ ‪#‎milklife‬ ‪#‎milktruth‬ ‪#‎getreal‬ ‪#‎cheese‬ ‪#‎pizza‬ ‪#‎vegetarian‬ ‪#‎govegan‬

This summer would be a great time to try a plant-based diet!

Your food choices can save water! Get the facts
Amazing Video Reveals The Hidden Water in Meat and Dairy
When you take into account how much water is needed in the meat and dairy industries to grow the feed for animals, hydrate them, and keep both factory farms...

This is it. ‪#‎Fasttrack‬ for the ‪#‎TPP‬ and ‪#‎TTIP‬ is headed for a vote in the senate TOMORROW (Tuesday)!
Ron Paul's Warning: Big Changes Coming for the US Economy Financial bubbles are never permanent and eventually they will burst. This day is not far off and the coming race to the exits will be...

What is going on?! View the photos yourself and remember this is a closed prison....
Are closed prisons being set up as FEMA Camps ahead of Jade Helm?
Closed prison has new barbed wire and guards in the tower ahead of Jade Helm.  
The Truth About Trans-Everything 
Absolute Proof Liberalism is a Mental Disorder California Gov. Jerry Brown has become the latest official to broach the subject of depopulating his state as a way to bring water availability in line with consumption, as the historic drought there continues:

Charleston Shooter Is Actor US Marine Crisis Actor As Jade Helm Stipulates (Video) | Politics
(N.Morgan) There’s been tons of speculation in regards to the Charleston shooting rampage. Was this another False Flag to distract and terrorize...

ok guys... so, as usual, there were DRILLS on the day of the HOAX Charleston shooting... this is now proven. And I think this dude's analysis is spot on... TPTB do these drills so if anything is wrong, the gov can say, "oh, well we're were just doing a drill." this has happened EVERY time we've had one of these FAKE ass events... Links proving the drill happened and why are both below. I'll also include a video from Redsilverj explaining WHY TPTB are doing these events... I have to agree. It appears they are trying to clamp down on the internet... 
Charleston Shooting Hoax Agenda BUSTED OPEN! For ALL to SEE! (Redsilverj) 
(jump to 3:40ish if you only want to hear the theory)

Turn internet "exposers" into suspected terrorists...

Confirmed active shooter drill.

Full Show - The Push For Race War - 06/22/2015 

DARPA Exposed
SHOW NOTES AND MP3: Corbett Report Radio #265 The internet. GPS. Windows. Videoconferencing. Siri. Smart dust. Why isn't...

Should We Bless The Jews?

How Edmund de Rothschild Had 179 Governments Pay Him for Grasping Up to 30% of The Earth:

“Give me control of a nation’s money supply, and I care not who makes its laws.” -- Amschel Rothschild
In Case You Are Still Confused About Who Is In Charge
It's the despicable central bankers. Article by Bionic Mosquito.

Why You Shouldn’t Feel “White Guilt” Over the Charleston Shooting
There is no violent white hate crime spree targeting blacks.
    Leftists pounced on the Charleston shooting before the bodies were even cold to push their twin agenda of gun control and racial division.

DISGRUNTLED MILITARY WIFE TELLS ALL ABOUT SEEDY CULTURE AND INFLUENCES: . Almost all of what she says has subsequently been shown to have been true, or else subsequently actually occurred. There may be the odd one or two incorrect details in the interview, but even these are characterized as 'I can't recall exactly...' This is really quite disturbing of an interview.There's no way a person like this lady could make up a story like all this with such detail and names.

UNABOMBER WORKED ON MK-ULTRA: The infamous Uni-bomber Ted Kaczynski was a researcher for Harvard University between 1959 and 1962 when the school was carrying out experiments for MK-Ultra.

Gardasil Firestorm in Denmark...
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