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Will GMOs ever be banned? And if so, how will it happen?
As part of a new Q&A video series, we delve into the questions and detail the factors that are required for Monsanto’s GMOs to hit the ‘ban’ list in the United States.

BIG Banks calling for an end of CASH. Bail ins in Europe.  
The Coming Boom In Gold
financial analyst and author Peter Schiff breaks down the coming boom in gold and why the dollar is done! 

Google Secretly Spying On Computer Users Via Microphones
Infowars first warned of PC microphone snooping nearly a decade ago.
    Almost a decade after InfoWars first warned that corporations may be spying on computer users via PC microphones, it has now come to light that secretly installed Google software is doing precisely that.

Charleston Shooting Exploited To End 2nd Amendment
Around 9 pm Charleston, South Carolina time horror ensued at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church. A church immersed in an American history story i...
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