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Gld ETF Warning, Tungsten Filled Fake Gold Bars

THE CFR RUNS THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA: If you had any doubt, the the elite think-tank the Council on Foreigh Relations runs this country and owns the media, think again. This film will set you straight:

If we do not stop Jade Helm 15 there may be no future for our children!
Dave Hodges, of The Common Sense Show, helped to co-host The Liberty Brothers Show yesterday. We...

They are not good neighbors: DuPont, one of the Big 6 agrichemical eco-terrorists alongside Monsanto, Dow, Syngenta, Bayer and BASF, has been sued for knowingly poisoning the drinking water of West Virginia's residents for 50 years. These disgusting corporate criminals need to be jailed for murder. Watch Abby Martin's interview with Mike Papantonio.
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High treason! America just completely sold out to corporatocracy, and finally made it official... This is the biggest corporate hiest of all time, like WTO on crack and steroids... Environmental, personal, political rights have all been massively changed and are nothing like we knew them before TPP....

Has America reached its "blue screen of death" moment before reboot?

Stock Market Suggests Major Collapse Incoming For The Last Six Months Of 2015
"The economic system is a fraud at so may levels it boggles the mind. What makes it fraudulent? The principles of trust, honor and transparency. Money is misunderstood by nearly everyone in society, resulting in debt enslavement schemes the world over.
Furthermore, the Cabal use money as a way to enforce self policing mind control, by offering us bread and circus, blinding us to the truth about who we are, whey we came here, and what life is really all about.
The financial world is about to end, although its more of a restart. If the Cabal behind the financial system has their way, a reset of the same old debt slavery system will occur again. This traditionally happens every 70 years or so, with many screaming for the gold standard as the solution to the worlds problems. But in truth, fiat money or gold money, will always serve the hidden Oligarchies of this world so long as the people choose to remain ignorant.
But this time, there may be something different. Several have proffered the notion that this year is different because more people than ever are realizing the truth, and as a result, there may be a an otherworldly force within the solar system, aligned with this wiser aspect of humanity. If true, then we may finally be able to end the debt slavery systems that have plagued the planet for thousands of years. And one way to help others detox from the bread and circus peddled by our would-be masters is to implode the current system. "
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