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ATTN: hydrologists, chemists… I am able to evaporate 75% of the Chloramine in my SF tap water by pouring into drinking glasses a day or too before I consume.
Try it yourself for one month. Then try straight out of the tap... the CHLORINE will ASSAULT YOU!

I do not drink the bottom 10%, in the hopes some of the Fluoride will have settled lower in the glass.

Q: is Fluoride heavier than water?
Q: is HydroFluorosilic Acid heavier than water? this is what most municipalities use.
It is a byproduct of SmokeStack scrubbers at Coal Plants in CHINA and hence contains Lead, Arsenic, Mercury, other heavy metals etc. thanks

Chloramine compound breaks down into constituents Chlorine and Amonia in transit and turbulence in water pipes. More if you are further from water station, less if you are close.
Hence the 75% figure. Your mileage may vary depending on distance, turbulence, heat, pressure, conditions. Try a taste test for 1 month using only evaporated water.

Men with prostate cancer in the Physician’s Health Study found to have 76% increased risk of premature death when consuming 3 or more servings of dairy products per day, compared with those consuming less than 1 serving per day ( but what about milk and bone health? Click to see video:
Is Milk Good for Our Bones? |
The galactose in milk may explain why milk consumption is associated with significantly higher risk of hip fractures, cancer, and premature death.

see also 

New Scientific Review: ‘No Evidence’ Water Fluoridation Prevents Cavities
It's time the US stops adding it to the water. 
    This latest study is just another example of how sodium fluoride’s so-called ‘effectiveness’ in the water supply is not based on solid scientific reasoning, but rather political pressure to assert the ‘cavity-preventing’ benefits of water fluoridation.

New Report Says More Americans Turning Against McDonald’s

FALSE FLAG ALERT: Craigslist Ad Asking for CRISIS ACTORS in Houston For JULY 4th | The Daily Sheeple
According to a Craigslist ad posted about 17 days ago, our Federal Government is looking for crisis actors for July 4th through July 6th.

TPP: The Dirtiest Trade Deal You've Never Heard Of
Find out more, speak up and spread the word: The Trans-Pacific...

15 Weeks: Treasury Says Debt Has Been Frozen at $18,112,975,000,000
The portion of the federal debt that is subject to a legal limit set by Congress closed Friday, June 26, at $18,112,975,000,000, according to the latest Daily Treasury...
    MYSTERY: NATIONAL DEBT FROZEN AT $18,112,975,000,000 -- FOR 15 WEEKS?

Insider: Banks Are Holding Your Money Hostage
Alex Jones talks with Nomi Prins about the financial crisis in Greece and how the banks are taking control.
    Former Goldman Sachs employee reveals the bankers' endgame.

GREEK DEBT CRISIS IS HERE - Mike Maloney's Daily News Brief -
Get the latest info on the situation in Greece and how it might affect you.

US on Same Debt Path as Greece
It's crunch time for Greece as IMF debt looms and bailout ends. Puerto Rico announced it's about to suffer the same fate, and a new chart shows that the US i...

CEO: Greeks Are Worried About Martial Law, Civil War
“The military may actually get involved.”

Support Drops Further For Gun Control
Majority do not believe tighter gun laws would prevent mass shooting incidents. 
    Two new polls have revealed that support for gun control has dipped, despite the high profile shooting in Charleston last month.


Draconian Vaccine Bill SB277 Becomes Law in California
Despite overwhelming opposition, the governor of California has made law one of the strictest vaccination guidelines in the country. While medical exemptions...

Fascist California - Infowars Nightly News - 06/30/2015
On this Tuesday, June 30th Lee Ann McAdoo covers the decision from California to mandate vaccination, the hypocritical nature of the "tolerante" left, then a...

Mandatory Vaccination: California is Ordering Genetic Alteration
California has just stamped its seal of approval to genetic alteration by making vaccination mandatory.
    Now only a medical doctor’s note stating a person should not be vaccinated will provide an exemption—and you can be sure doctors who sign a number of these notes will be tracked, scrutinized, harassed, and attacked by the State.
    SB277 requires all children who attend public and private schools to receive the full schedule of vaccines.

FAIL - Americans Don't Know Why We Celebrate 4th of July! -- 
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