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10 Shocking Environmental Facts That Will Make You Reconsider Putting Meat on Your Plate -->

Retired FBI agent investigates sandy hook: MEGA MASSIVE COVER UP
Alex Jones talks with Rob Dew whose uncle is former FBI who thinks the Sandy Hook hearing is incredibly...

Oath Keepers: Prepare for Economic Collapse
Obama trying to start race war.

"While speaking at the New York Oath Keepers Awards Banquet, Founder and Director of Oath Keepers Stewart Rhodes urges all Oath Keeper chapters across the country to hold an Emergency Summit by state, in order to prepare for an economic collapse." 

Why Is The United States Supreme Court Listed as a Private Corporation On DUN AND BRADSTREET?

Set up your own FM MicroTransmitter to spread the message of LIBERTY to your town!
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Prediction On Global Meltdown As Early As Fall 
Help us spread the word about the liberty movement, we're reaching millions...

MEGA MASSIVE COVER UP: Retired FBI Agent Investigates Sandy Hook
Retired Navy Seal says Sandy Hook doesn't add up. 

Greece Meltdown: Is America Next?
Americans wary of financial doom on the horizon. 
    Experts have repeatedly warned that a global financial collapse is imminent, but does the public think the U.S. will be prepared for so-called banking holidays in a cashless society?

Prediction On Global Meltdown: As Early As Fall
There's no Byzantine Empire to stop Islam moving into the West.

The Coming Medical Dictatorship
How the insurance companies, feds will decide whether you live or die.

[Video] Come join us as we take a look at a Cold War Era Bunker, turned FEMA Region I Deep Underground Military Base & Fusion Center!
Exclusive footage and even brief encounter with a guard.

Greece ‘48 Hours Away From Unrest’

     Bush Crime Family
"Based on the true story of the Bush Crime Family who helped fund Hitler and the Nazi's, assassinated JFK, armed Osama, ran drugs from Central America and profited from countless wars especially the aftermath of 9/11."
Bush Crime Family 02:20 Ctraffik​ 

American Woman Who Died of Measles Was Vaccinated 
Public health authorities predictably spin incident to push for more inoculations.

F and HSFA are lighter than water. The F molecule is very very small, which is why it passes through all carbon filters. HFSA almost fully dissociates in water, though F ions often fly off and attach themselves to silica (lead is attracted to silica), which is the mechanism by which lead is leached from brass pipes in fluoridated water.

     Denver's Public Water Fluoridation Forum - July 29th
"For the 1st time EVER due to increasing pressure from citizens lead by We Are Change Colorado, Denver Water is holding a public forum and debate on the subject of water fluoridation. They will supply 3 experts in defense of mass medicating the metro area's population with hydrofluorosilicic acid and we will have 3 experts to speak against fluoridating the public water supply. PhD Chemist and Professor Dr Paul Connett, fluoride activist and horse breeder from Pagosa Springs, Cathy Justus who successfully got Pagosa Springs to stop fluoridating their water and Dr Jeremy Widmann who studied in Molecular, Cellular, Developmental Biology and holds a PhD in Biochemistry from the University of Colorado." 
Denver's Public Water Fluoridation Forum - July 29th 
Denver Water Board - 1600 W. 12th Avenue Denver, CO 

At the forefront of alternative economics and constitutional vigilance are the people doing the real work in the movement: the preppers. These are the activists taking concrete action in the tangible world (as opposed to the ethereal laziness of the intellectual world) first to make themselves as independent as possible from the mainstream grid, thereby removing themselves as a potential refugee or looter in the event of national crisis. Second, they are the people mastering valuable and necessary skills that will allow them to rebuild any collapsed social and financial system. Third, they are the people most capable of defending our inherent freedoms and the principles of our founding culture, and they are the only people organizing locally for mutual aid and security. The fact of the matter is preppers are free, and almost everyone else is a slave — a slave to dependency, a slave to doubt, a slave to ignorance, a slave to fear and, thus, a slave to petty establishment authority.

JM Bullion​ A satirical yet real concern driving record amounts of the public's Silver Bullion stacking growing year after year.This clip is from South Park - banking system's fundamentals have arguably grown worse since 2008.The FDIC cannot save all bank deposits. The USA & G20 nations have all agreed on a Bank Bail-in infrastructure for future bank failures - Silver & Gold at great priceswith fast discreet FREE SHIPPING from

Americans With Retirement Accounts Beware: If Our Government Does What China Just Did You’ll Be...
Everything from withdrawal limits on ATMs and seizing money from your personal bank account.

US Mint Runs Out Of Silver On Same Day Price Of Silver Plunges To 2015 Lows | Zero Hedge
The US mint running out of physical silver, confirming surging demand, on the same day the price of spot silver plummets, implying dropping demand. just does not...

Money As Debt - Full Length Documentary
Essential viewing on money and the banking system. Money As Debt is a fast-paced and highly entertaining animated feature by artist & videographer, Paul Grig...

The Greek Crisis - What You're Not Being Told

Greek Crisis - Breakdown Of Situation With Mike Maloney 
Join the newsletter for the next update that will deal with action in the precious metals markets:

How Greece was robbed by the bankers
Banks control the politics of nations. 

As A Reminder, This Is What Capital Controls In Cyprus Looked Like 

     J7: 7/7 Inquests Blog
7/7 Inquests: Examining and documenting the proceedings of the Coroner's Inquest into the London Bombings of 7 July 2005, including analysis of the hearing transcripts and the evidence presented.
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