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Scientists have discovered that living near trees is good for your health
A very large study in Toronto shows that an additional 10 trees along a neighborhood street improves health in a way comparable to "being 1.4 years...

Is a 300% increase in Crohn's disease the result of our escalating exposure to wireless...

Parents: Should You Nix The WiFi? - Fearless Parent
by Louise Kuo Habakus Is anyone in your house dealing with health issues that just won’t go away no matter what foods you eat, which supplements you take, or how many practitioners and therapies you run through? Is your child anxious,...

Primary school takes on Optus over phone tower

New vaccine legislation puts us at a 'crisis point' and action is needed now!
America is Running Out of Time!
Founder and Director of Oath Keepers Stewart Rhodes urges all Oath Keeper chapters across the country to hold an Emergency Summit by state, in order to prepa...

This Video Shows How Big Pharma Gets Drs To Kill Patients. – The...
The first thing Big Pharma does is get them to treat symptoms. After that, well, this video is both eye opening and depressing in the way that it quickly breaks down...

Aluminum contamination implicated in dementia and bee deaths:

'One of the largest human experiments in history' was conducted on unsuspecting residents of San...
For 20 years, the military secretly tested biological agents on the American public.
Class Action Lawsuit Against GEOENGINEERING / CHEMTRAIL In The Works
GEOENGINEERING ACTION NETWORK Begins Worldwide Legal Initiative Against Chemtrails, Geoengineering The current geoengineering regime, which blankets...

Geoengineering, JADE HELM 2015 & Sentient Mass Extinction
"The unravelling of the reality we have all known is happening from countless directions and at blinding speed. Earth's life support systems are crumbling, t...

They want us dead before we are able to collect on our 401ks, social security, and pensions. They don't have the gold to back up their fake paper money and they are desperate to cover it up. The government has spent all of the money you and your families have worked so hard for. Check out the black budget. They are robbing you so they can make more underground bases while spraying more poisonous chemicals on you and your loved ones. The truth hurts, but it's time to take your head out of the sand. The government is killing you.

Leaked Documents Reveal Israel Attempt to Transfer Weapons to Syrian Rebels:

Pope Francis Is A Vatican Coup
Alex Jones breaks down how the Pope is a part of the globalist plan to destroy the world Help us spread the word about the liberty movement, we're reaching m...

The Pope is a part of the globalist plan to destroy the world and usher in a one-world government.
Special Report: Pope Francis Is A Vatican Coup
Pope Francis a socialist tool to usher in one-world government.

Defense rests in Aurora theater shooting trial
Day 47 of the Aurora theater shooting trial.
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