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please wake up you silly folk killing yourselves and everybody on the planet.
Every stupid astro turf soccerfield I see laid gets torn up in the FIRST or SECOND YEAR.
So it's not enough that you are laying TOXIC plastic with LEAD from CHINA that breeds and harbors staph infections that infest your little rug rats… no
you have to have the biggest dumbest CARBON FOOTPRINT and

HAVE you any idea how many gallons of water are required to produce a yard of Astro Turf? to transport it? to Lay it? remove it? Re Lay it? WTF? it takes so many thousands of gallons of water to produce and lay each yard of turf… you are way behind the curve and would have saved water by sticking with freaking GRASS you fucktards.

The Real Reason to Avoid MSG: Industry Secret Ingredient for Food Addiction
How do you feel about the ingredient?
Read on to find out why MSG makes you eat more fast food while fattening up the food industry’s bottom line plus what you can do to protect yourself.

10 Facts About Fluoride
Attorney Michael Connett summarizes 10 basic facts about fluoride that should be considered in any discussion about whether to fluoridate water. To download ...

These researchers from the Pomeranian Medical University In Poland are doing some of the most important research into the biochemical effects of fluoride in the last century. Their findings will have profound implications for water fluoridation.
Fluoride as a factor initiating and potentiating inflammation in THP1 differentiated...
It is well known that exposure to fluorides lead to an increased ROS production and enhances the inflammatory reactions. Therefore we decided to examine whether cyclooxygenases (particular COX-2) activity and expression may be changed by fluoride in THP1 macrophages and in this way may change the pr…

[AUDIO] Water Workers Unite! Teleconference Recording w/ Bonus P. Caulart Interview
Peter is presently the Executive Director of Environmental Training Institute (ETI) and a founding board member of the Guild of Professional Operators. Formerly he...

Were they to merge, the global market would be under the control of two corporations who already distribute ‘food’ to the masses which likely causes diabetes, obesity, digestive disorders, and neurological disease – only with twice the power to do so.
Judge Halts Merger of Two of the Largest Food Corporations on the Planet
In fear of rising food prices and more.

Crisis Up But Silver Down? (Part 1) Mike Maloney & Ed Steer -
Why is silver not reacting to current events? Here is a talk I had with my friend Ed Steer.
Was the California drought geoengineered to pass future 'climate change' legislation?
Relentless Chemtrail Spraying and HAARP-manufactured weather events have been used to radically alter California's climate

Government Secret Police Program Exposed
Federal agencies teaching agents how to fabricate evidence and commit perjury under oath in order to conceal illegal sources of investigations, otherwise known as 'parallel construction.'

Who is Behind This Staged ISIS Beheading Video? http://www.infowars.com

Strategic Investment Manager Warns Of Worldwide Financial Detonation: The Whole Thing Is Going To Blow Up

U.S. Conspiring With Russian Oligarchs to Overthrow Putin, Says Duma Member

What Assets Did Greece Just Hand Over To Europe: “Airports, Airplanes, Infrastructure And Most...

Greece Coup Conducted With Banks, Not Tanks | The Dollar Vigilante
Anarcho-Capitalist. Libertarian. Freedom fighter against mankind’s two biggest enemies, the State and the Central Banks. Jeff Berwick is the founder of The...

Flu Vaccine Causes 5.5 Times More Respiratory Infections – A True Vaccinated vs. Unvaccinated Study

European agency to review HPV vaccine side effects
Widely given to girls around the age of 11 or 12.

Wow! It Appears Fukushima Is Causing Americans To Get Cancer
Kevin Kamps, Beyond Nuclear joins Thom. The worst nuclear accident in recent history wasn’t unexpected - that’s according to an internal document recovered f...
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