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"If I was an arthritic individual, I would be eliminating every possible source of fluoride exposure that I could think of." (Phyllis Mullenix, PhD, Toxicologist)
Learn more about arthritis and fluoride: 

Many people ask about legal precedents set in regard to fluoridation. This site provides a fairly comprehensive look into the case law, as well as the state laws (and administrative laws) governing fluoridation:

Government confuses the public with contradictory information on allowable fluoride levels:


     Bill to Ban GMO Labeling
Facebook Censors Post Revealing Secret Bill to Ban GMO Labeling
Social media giant suppresses spread of information on damning legislation. 

Mike Maloney Predicts 2008 Market Crash In 2005  

HOLLYWOOD Mind Control, DISNEY MAGIC - Illuminati Celebrities- Wash Your Brain, MK Ultra Programming
(Mirrored from Freeman Fly) From ancient goddesses... 

Two Oath Keeper Marines Speak Out On Gun Confiscation:
"Two young Marines were recently interviewed by Mark Connors of the Mark Connors News Channel, where he asked what the two Marines would do if they were ordered to confiscate American guns. There was no hesitation in their response."

As the state of California moves to cut off water from a growing number of communities, a new papal encyclical focused on climate change is linked to an academic who offers an extreme "solution" to the drought in California and the world: fewer people.

Chattanooga Shooter Took Numerous Trips To Middle East
Family known to FBI for years. 

Armed Americans Stand Guard Outside Military Recruitment Center
Citizens rally to protect “gun free zone” in wake of Chattanooga shooting.

My latest Oath Keepers column notes anything over "up to your neck" generally involves either drowning or losing your head. 

TIME magazine is a filthy rotten RAG. piece of shit.
June 22 2015 page18 The Brief
Dallas Suburb of McKinney / Pool Riot / black teens

A: Cop did not wave his gun at crowd. Cop pulled his gun cause he was being circled by a crowd, then rushed by 2 guys one of whom reached furtively to his waistband and pulled up his shirt like he was gonna pull a gun. Even if the kid did not have a gun, this is not how you approach a cop.
You should not rush a cop with a "HEY YOU WANNA THROW DOWN!" gesture, not when you're part of a crowd of ten surrounding a cop. This is a good way to get shot.

B: The girl was not compliant.  

WHO HIRED THIS DUMB ASS WRITER? Maybe George Soros. That would fit as Soros paid 33,000,000 to stir up race riots in Ferguson 
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