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The current Shemitah seven year cycle ends on Sunday September 13th. The previous two cycles in 2008 and 2001 ended on day the markets crashed. September 15 marks fifty years to the day on the Jewish Calendar that the Israelites recaptured Jerusalem as their capital.
September 15th France is expected to submit a resolution to the UN to divide Jerusalem.

New research has found that a lipid, Avocatin B, found in avocados targets rare AML cancerous cells, but the Food and Drug Administration says no "functional" foods with anti-cancer principles exist:

John Oliver on the Ridiculous Reasons America Wastes 1/3 of Its Food 

#1 Environmental Threat Revealed
Can we trust our government to tell us? 
    We know the consequential damages of pollution, but do we really know the dangers of GMOs?

Silver & Gold Price: The Breakdown with Mike Maloney

Gold touches 5yr low, as China suspected of heavy selling 

Rapid Trident: US Troops Kick Off Military Training Camp in Ukraine

Chattanooga Shooter Obeying ISIS Orders Ignored by Obama and Media 

Dozens Dead After Terror Attack in Turkish Border City 
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