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     fluoride risks
New evidence confirms what we already knew. If we cannot trust HHS and the ADA to protect us from mercury risks - why should we trust them on fluoride risks?" 

City in Colorado Stops Fluridation
Another city stops poisoning the water supply. 

Mounting evidence directly links toxic chemicals and pesticides with breast cancer:

Arlene Blum -Flame Retardants In Our Homes: Are They Doing More Harm Than Good? – July 23, 2015
THE MORNING SHOW with PatrickTimpone Arlene Blum The Problem with Chemical Flame Retardants Blum holds a doctorate in biophysical chemistry, and has taught at Stanford University, Wellesley College, and U. C. Berkeley, where her research was instrumental in banning tris and Fyrol, two cancer-cau… 

FEDS predict 6.9 earthquake to hit San Francisco within days USGS Scientist: Major Quake On Hayward Faul...
    SAY WHAT, WILLIS? The Hayward fault is active right now. Be prepared. Make sure your family is prepared. Make sure to check on older neighbors, or those with mobility problems.

BREAKING: InfoWars reporters catch supreme footage of a massive drug smuggling operating during a trip to interview Donald Trump in Laredo, TX today!
Infowars Catches Border Drug Smuggling Operation On Camera!
On the eve of Donald Trump’s visit to Laredo, TX to cover the wide open border, Infowars catches a drug smuggling operation at the U.S. border. Four young me...

#‎ISIS plans to bomb music festivals with ‪#‎drones‬. 

US Drone Crashes In Iraq 

Child Sex Trafficking through Child ‘Protection’ Services Exposed:

Commodities Collapsed Just Before The Last Stock Market Crash – So Guess What Is Happening Right...
On Wednesday, commodities got absolutely pummeled, and at this point the Bloomberg Commodity Index is down a whopping 26 percent over the past twelve... 

India, US, Japan to Hold War Games in Indian Ocean 

Dr. David Kennedy has been involved in dentistry for more than thirty years.  Hes passionate about getting mercury out of the dentists office in the well as fluoride out of the water supply.  Dr. Kennedy gives his ideas on the main challenges we face with bacteria in the mouth and just how to deal with it properly.
As past president of The International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology, Dr. Kennedy is a specialist in the proper dental materials to allow in our mouths.  He is not a fan of traditional crowns on teeth or root canals. Dr. Kennedy is author of “How To Save Your Teeth” and his latest video is “Smoking Teeth”
He talks about ways to have your dentist do less and cause less harm and saving as much of the tooth and enamel as possible.  We also get a clear picuture of the challenge of mercury and fluoride in The United States and how much of Europe is way ahead of the U.S. on the issue. 

Central Banks and Our Dysfunctional Gold Markets
Central banks are manipulating gold markets. 

See What's Really Going On At The Border
Alex Jones breaks down what's going on at the border and why Donald Trump and Rand Paul are so popular; then, shocking footage obtained by Infowars reporters...

Gluten Sensitivity Hormones, and Vitamins. What's It All About?>>>>>

Dr. Andrew Moulden: Finds "Every Vaccine Causes Harm", then Dies Suspiciously -  
Dr. Andrew Moulden could not ignore the truth that vaccines were the greatest threat to human health in the world today. 
Explosive: The real reason Holistic Doctors are being killed and vanishing! 

This is HUGE! Everyone is wondering why these holistic and alternative physicians are getting knocked off. Apparently, according to this video,
"GcMAF is a naturally occurring process in the human body. It starts off as a Gc protein. The Gc protein in an absolutely healthy human being will create its own, natural Gc Macrophage Activating Factor (GcMAF) to help protect the human immune system."
"What is being found by these doctors is that something is being introduced into the human body that is called Nagalase. This Nagalase protein is this:
"Nagalase is a protein made by all cancer cells and viruses (HIV, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, influenza, herpes, Epstein-Barr virus, and others).
Nagalase causes immunodeficiency. Nagalase blocks production of GcMAF, thus preventing the immune system from doing its job."
"There is something that is being introduced into the human body that is causing this Nagalase to block the naturally occurring production of GcMAF."
There is a cure in Europe called GcMAF that is "highly illegal" and prohibited by the FDA in America.
"Since the GcMAF naturally occurs in the body but it's being inhibited by the introduction of Nagalase protein blocker. There is a product that is being worked on in Europe that has been blocked and is highly illegal in the United States to use because the FDA and the pharmaceutical companies want it kept out of the United States and it goes by the exact same name as the naturally occurring GcMAF. that occurs in your body. So what they were finding is that this GcMAF treatment product, which is being created, actually was reversing autism, reversing tumors, shrinking tumors, curing cancers... that's what they were finding."

China Dumping Large Amounts Of US Treasury Bonds Friday was a surprising day for world markets as The Peoples Bank of China (PBOC) announced some...

Who controls the MEDIA?

"SIX MILLION JEWS" reference in ten newspapers between 1915 - 1938 (HD)
Click below for a FREE download of a colorfully illustrated 132 page e-book on the...
The greatest lie ever told - The Holocaust - 2015 Documentary...

Who controls the MEDIA? Whom are we NOT allowed to discuss?

Ask who your are not allowed to criticize and you will learn who controls you.
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