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One More September Surprise : The Pope And Rick Warren In Philly..

September 26th and 27th Pope Francis will be in Philadelphia to speak to the faithful. One of his guests will be Rick Warren of Saddleback Church. Rick is one of the Popes leading ecumenical apostles for a One World Religion. The first tentacle of The Vatican’s strategy is the merging of the protestants into the Catholic Church. Of course this would require the protestant church to abandon many of it’s differences with the Holy See. Little things, like the false doctrine of the Popes infallibility. If Francis is perfect and knows all why isn’t he banned from Las Vegas? Why does he always have to amend his “perfect “doctrines with new and improved encyclicals? The Vatican has more updates than Microsoft. After this unholy alliance, the next tentacle involves the merging of the newly minted harlot church with Islam in the form of Chrislam. This is going to be a little trickier and probably will involve a war to smooth out the rough edges . Consider the untenable position that Israel is in right now. The ink is barely dry on an agreement that allows Iran to build nuclear weapons unabated and without inspections.

The current Shemitah seven year cycle ends on Sunday September 13th. The previous two cycles in 2008 and 2001 ended on day the markets crashed. September 15 marks fifty years to the day on the Jewish Calendar that the Israelites recaptured Jerusalem as their capital.
September 15th France is expected to submit a resolution to the UN to divide Jerusalem. The West Bank and East Jerusalem would become part of the nation of Palestine and in exchange the Jews would be allowed to build their Third Temple next to the Dome Of The Rock on the Temple Mount. Is it possible that this resolution is the last straw the unleashes the fury of Israel upon Iran? And could this regional war lead to the world into forcing Israel to accept a final two state solution? If “The Psalm 83 War” were to occur in this manner gas prices and Anti-Semitism would increase and the world would lay full blame at Netanyahu’s doorstep. At this point he may have no other option than to capitulate to the dictates of the UN.

The Pope meets with President Obama in the Oval Office on Yom Kippur/The Day Of Atonement, September 23rd. In addition to this being the holiest day on the Hebrew Calendar, it’s also the first day of fall, a Satanic Holiday. The 23rd is the 500th day that the French Foreign Minister, Laurent Fabius said we had to avoid to avoid climate chaos. The Tomorrowland movie trailer alludes to 100% probability of asteroid strike on the 23rd. On the 24th Francis speaks before a joint session of Congress. The 25th he speaks again at The UN. September 26th and 27th Francis is in Philadelphia with Rick Warren. Followed by the final Blood Moon on the 28th. How convenient.

Everything is September is about Pope Francis and the declarations he may or may not make from September 23rd to the 28th. Some contend that his purpose is to calm a world mired in fear from some cataclysmic event that just occurred. The theories range from disclosure, to an asteroid collision and subsequent tsunami hitting the East coast. Others say that the possible announcement of a “two state solution” will bring the wrath of God down upon any nation that was compliant in Israel’s division. Still others see war and economic collapse in September, followed by a World Wide Currency reset during the first two weeks of October.

Or will just be Y2K, part two? It’s time to lay your chips on the table. The casino will be closing soon……
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