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AKA 7 year cycle due to CRASH WALL st 2015 SHEMITAH EXPOSED: Financial Crisis Planned For September 2015 

Shemitah years 10:45-14:30 in Video
1917 US entered WWI and soon after the RUSSSIAN GERMAN AUSTRIAN and TURKISH empires COLLAPSED
1930 / 31 Market dropped 50% from 200 to 100 then another 50% to below 50
1937- 1938 Market lost 50 % WWII (Germany seized Austria)
1945 Sept war ended NEARLY on same day as end of Shemitah
1973 Bretton Woods worldwide monetary system collapsed
1980 end of massively inflationary 1970s
1987 Black MONDAY biggest 1 day percentage drop in history on Dow. Next week London Stock eXchange closed.
1994 BOND MARKET MASSACRE caused financial strife worldwide
2001 Sep 17 last day of Shemitah LARGEST 1 day POINT CRASH of DOW 
2008 Sep 29 Exact final day of Shemitah DOW PLUMMETED 777 Points 
     which still today remains the biggest single day stock market crash of all time
2015 Sept / Oct BEWARE skip to 10:30 to skip credentials / lead in
SHEMITAH EXPOSED: Financial Crisis Planned For September 2015

SEPTEMBER 13 2015 SHEMITAH 15:00 - in Video
1. UN opens 70th session of UN General Assembly in NYC. World leaders from around world will be attending.
Every 7th SHemitah is a JUBILEE year when god supposedly gives back land. see 1947 Israel. 1918 British Empire took back Israel from Ottoman empire.
2. Un launches new plan for managing entire globe (Sustainable development summit) for global governance or NEW WORLD ORDER Sep 25-27
3. Sep 15 Pope speaks at UN. Sep 24 Pope speaks to US congress (Never before in History of World.
4. JADE HELM Jul 15 - Sep 15 Massive ROLLOUT of MILITARY within US. 
     INteresting because there always seems to be drill before something major happens.
     Wallmarts across the US closed for 6 months "due to plumbing"
5. Federal Reserve moving foam NY to Chicago. What natural disaster are they expecting that will affect NY but not Chicago? What natural disaster are they expecting in NY that they are not expecting in Chicago?
6. FOMC mtg sep 16, 17 Federal Reserve Mtg. .25 % rate hike mtg just after Shemitah
7 US FED GOVT buying another 62,000,000 rounds of ammunition for AR 15 and M16 rifles
8. NORAD is moving back into CHEYENNE MTNs in COLORADO cause it is EMP hardened
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