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20 reasons to expect a devastating event in the U.S. before October 1, 2015 By Kurt Haskell
1. California will run out of water by next year. There is no plan to deal with this. This shows that the government isn’t concerned about the west coast. This is a possible indication the government knows California will be destroyed before next year.
2. The NY Federal Reserve is shifting operations from NY to Chicago due to a possible natural disaster. Why now? This implies that the east coast isn’t safe but Chicago possibly is.
3. NORAD has shifted its operations into the mountain bunker at Cheyenne Mountain. The statement regarding this indicated that other government agencies and personnel will also be shifted into the bunker. Why now? For what event would a mountain bunker provide the most protection?
4. The U.S. government spending is so out of control that it stopped the national debt clock in March. Deficits don’t matter if you know your country will be hit with a devastating event before the debt affects the economy. Repayment of the debt would be moot.
5. There are worldwide tensions over WWIII between the U.S, Russia and China. Such a war would likely be nuclear and devastate the U.S. The U.S. could be looking for a scapegoat for its impending economic collapse.
6. A Greek default could happen at any time. Due to the derivatives over such a default, which run into the trillions, the entire western banking system would likely collapse.
7. Pope Francis will address both houses on Congress as well as the UN in September. No Pope has ever done this before. Obviously, there is a very important topic that must be discussed in September.
8. The U.S. Economy is a house of cards on the edge of collapse and the US. dollar could lose its reserve status at anytime. When this happens, the dollar would lose as much as 90% of its value.
9. Google co-founder Vincent Cerf recently told everyone to print a hard copy of everything off of the Internet. He is concerned that the Internet may be permanently lost. Why, and what would cause this?
10. China recently completed its SWIFT system for international bank transfers that will be operational in September. The only current system is in the U.S. Is China concerned the U.S. system may not be operational after September?
11. Obama’s speech on May 20, 2015, is very curious. In that speech, he calls climate change a serious threat to global security that must be dealt with immediately. He is not talking about global warming. What weather event is he referring to that would be an immediate threat to global security?
12. On May 13, 2014, French foreign minister Laurent Fabius stated “we have 500 days to climate chaos”. The 500 days are up the last week of September 2015. The term climate chaos is very strange and doesn’t appear to reference global warming. It’s also strange that he states the specific time of 500 days. This would seem to indicate a weather event that can be specifically calculated. An estimate as to a time period would likely be stated in months or years.
13. Inuit elders, who live in the Arctic region, in April 2015, indicated that the sun has shifted. Their location is a prime spot for viewing the sun’s movements. They further indicated that the shift was not due to global warming. This is evidence of a very noticeable pole shift taking place.
14. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has indicated that the earth’s poles are shifting faster than at anytime on record. The NOAA has records back to 1590. What is causing this, a possible large magnetic body affecting the earth?
15. Multiple source are indicating are indicating a huge increase in the amount and the severity of recent earthquakes and volcanoes. This is more evidence of a dramatic change in the earth’s weather.
16. There are many witnesses reporting a large increase in the size and frequency of recent chemtrails (weather modification). This indicates an urgent need to modify the weather for some unknown reason.
17. Father Malichi Martin, a former Vatican professor and insider had an interesting interview in 1999 regarding the Vatican’s reason for having a telescope in Arizona. In such interview, he indicated that the Vatican was watching an approaching object that would kill many millions of people. While Father Martins timeline of the event taking place in 510 years was off, we have no reason to doubt his explanation of the telescope’s purpose.
18. There are many recent pictures and videos of two “Suns” in the sky all over the world. There is no other explanation for this other than a large sun-like object has entered our solar system.
19. On December 20, 1993, the Washington Post ran an article indicating that a large “Heavenly Body” had been discovered. It further went on to explain that such object was tugging at the orbits of Uranus and Neptune and causing their rotations to shift. A media blackout over this object has taken place ever since.
20. Jade Helm military exercise are set to run in the SW U.S. from July 15 to September 15. The amount of preparation taking place is much larger and not in line with a 60 day training exercise. Further, the preparations have been seen all over the US and not just the SW states. Curious pictures of UN helicopters and medical trucks have been witnessed. Numerous Walmart stores are being remodeled for this “training”. All of these factors show that Jade Helm is much more than a temporary military training exercise confined to a few states. Jade Helm is much more likely actual disaster preparation that will not end in September.
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