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A study from Washington University has shown that garlic is up to 100 times more efficient than popular antibiotics in combating diseases:

Fluoridation additive destroys equipment and leaks into treatment plant and nearby river, causing a no swimming advisory: 
Fluoride leak closes Chrysler Beach
Some fluoride escaped building but crews believe it is now contained 

Coverage from yesterday's Denver Fluoridation Forum (video will be available next week):
Denver faces anti-fluoride blitz, reviews water supply additives
Anti-fluoridation activists blitzed the Denver Water Board, pressing their case that adding fluoride to water to cut cavities is harmful "mass medication"

BREAKING: CDC held meeting of vaccine scientists to deliberately destroy evidence linking vaccines to autism:  
This question can change your world: The Amazing You Course - 
Gregg Braden asks the right question 

#‎TBT to that time in 2012 when Pacific Institute showed that, shockingly, 47% of California's water footprint is associated with breeding, feeding, watering & slaughtering animals.
     To understand how wildly disproportionate this water use is compared to plant-based agriculture, which we actually need to survive, CA only produces a small fraction of US meat & animal products (21% at the most), but produces half of the nation's fruits and veggies, including 90-99% of many. Yet animal agriculture guzzles more precious CA water. This helps explain why Water Footprint Network found Dr. Arjen Hoekstra would declare: "Animal products form the single most important factor in humanity's water footprint" and "we need to re-examine the place meat and dairy have in the diet of modern man."
     Read the full 2012 Pacific Institute report "California's Water Footprint": 
#‎SaveWaterEatPlants! ‪#‎drought‬

The War On Cash is simply evil. Do you agree? - Mike Maloney
More: The war on cash is heating up. Join Mike Maloney for his thoughts on where this might lead... Hidden Secrets Of ...

REVEALED: Cancer industry profits ‘locked in’ by nagalase molecule injected into humans via vaccines… explains aggressive vaccine push 
If you’ve been following this story, you know that holistic doctors are mysteriously dying in Florida over the last several weeks. All the doctors have supposed ties to...

The U.S. government's pursuit of technology to control the weather dates back 100 years, but the greatest strides have been made only recently, and the military wants to use the technology on the battlefield:

Water officials around Las Vegas have just completed a third pipeline designed to suck water from near the bottom of Lake Mead as overpopulation and overuse continue to drain the body of water that powers the Hoover Dam's electric turbines:

California Parents Mount Recall Against Author Of Mandatory Vaccine Law
California parents plan to recall state Sen. Richard Pan from office for authoring a bill that removes their...

Photos: Berkeley Police conduct full-scale military operation in American neighborhood
Military like response to one suspect shuts down American neighborhood.

Pope To Call For NWO AT UN September Meeting
UNITED NATIONS (AP) - The United Nations is announcing that Pope Francis will address the annual U.N. General Assembly of world leaders on Sept. 25 during hi...

Asset Forfeiture is the New Shakedown
Civil asset forfeiture reform gains momentum country wide.

     FEMA Camp Detention Center
More Evidence Clearly Showing the Midland Walmart Is Transforming Into a FEMA Camp Detention Center 

     JFK / LINCOLN Factual similarities / parallels
Abraham Lincoln and JFK....Coincidence?

MASS MEDIA MANIPULATION: Forget about the notion of a "free press," because everything from subliminal messages to outright domination of the mass media by big money interests, all the content you see on TV and read in the papers is controlled and packaged by our media handlers. See how deep the rabbit hole goes with blatant subliminal messaging in video 1: 
... and see who those big money interests in media are, and how the Council on Foreign Relations pulls the editorial strings in video 2:

White Guy Talks N-Word With Black People 
I asked some black dudes if it's OK if I called them "niggas" to end the double standard of white people not being "allowed" to use the word. Here's what happened.

If you get Windows 10.. TURN THIS OFF IMMEDIATELY!
All your facebook friends can get access to your home wi-fi or home network if they're within range...... IF you have this turned on.

Obama to Target Home Owners: Federal Government to Decide who Lives in Your Neighborhood
Earlier this month, the Obama administration issued new rules to the Fair Housing Act that will radically alter the way your neighborhood look and remove the...

Dear Friends and Fellow Patriots,
Patriot Author and Publisher Bill Still has out a few video updates that I think you will find interesting.
The first one is where a federal judge is threatning to jail the head of the IRS.  Now I think that is a plan.
The second one deals with the Nuclear deal with Iran.  He shows the last nuclear deal we had with President Clinton.  Clinton's speech and Obama's speech is very similar.  The Clinton deal with N. Korea did lead to N Korea having nuclear weapons.  
You can subscribe to receive all of his informative updates.
Steve Hempfling, Director, Free Enterprise Society  
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