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Independent Lab Confirms Kashi Go Lean Cereal Loaded with Toxic Glyphosate

     Alcohol is the drug of choice of statism.
Study Finds Alcohol Is The Gateway Drug, Not Marijuana
A new study in The Journal of School Health has found that alcohol is more likely to act as a gateway drug to substance abuse than mariju 

     Shemitah End Day?
Racial Warfare Planned Around Shemitah End Day? | The Dollar Vigilante
Once you connect enough dots things start to become very clear. Along with all the financial and monetary chaos we expect in the fall we are also starting to connect... 

Jim Marrs Reveals the Agenda of the Elite: Population Control
David Knight talks with Jim Marrs about the eugenics agenda of the globalists and how it is designed to let them rule and control the population that they de...

Alex Jones: Why It’s Cool To Be A Trendy Slave
Miniature vehicle emblematic of how the elite want us to have less while they live in opulence.
    Alex submits to the soft tyranny of low expectations, carbon taxes, and anemic horsepower in this sardonic midnight street prophecy.

Cops Claim Privacy Violation, Sue Over Video Showing Them Eating Marijuana During Raid
Officers were part of team that raided marijuana dispensary on May 26 in Orange County, California.

In an Attempt to Prevent Drug Overdoses, Politicians Propose to Ban Music Festivals

Pain, Fever & Fainting Normal Side Effects to Vaccines, Philippine Government Declares
Department of Health reassuring students after blunder last month sent thousands of children to hospital.
    The DOH is telling parents of grade school students to “value their child’s protection from diseases over temporary discomfort” ahead of its immunization program this month.

Parents and Children Being Conditioned to Submit to Authority

by K.T. Weaver, SkyVision Solutions This past week there was a meeting of BlackHat USA 2015 in Las Vegas, where InfoSec professionals met. As part of a blog article written about this meeting, there was the following updated entry by Steve Ragan who attended the meeting: “I had an interesting discussion after getting my badge at DEF CON this afternoon about smart grids. [ 861 more words. ]
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