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     Got FLUORIDE? 
List of bottled water companies WITHOUT FLUORIDE!
As with other fresh water supplies (e.g., spring water, lake water, river water), bottled waters have low levels of fluoride. Fresh surface water contains an...

Fluoride Debate Gets Its Day at Austin, Texas, City Hall
City councilman presented resolution to end fluoridation, saying it’s “unethical” to force residents to consume fluoride.

Oxidative stress was found to be associated with DNA damage in sperm, whereas antioxidants were found to play a protective role ( What role might diet play on sperm count? Click to see video:

8 Reasons to Become a Yardfarmer
Yardfarmers is a new reality TV/documentary series hybrid for release in Spring 2017. It will follow a diverse set of six young Americans as they move back home with their parents to become yardfarmers. The production crew at Yardfarmers is... 
Historical Footage Of San Francisco Bay Area, California, 1941 (Marin, Embarcadero, Bay Bridge etc!) 

Patrick Roddie​ Just did a two hour interview on The Story Behind the Story. Apologies for the lousy audio on my part, AT&T may be great at spying on us, but they're crap at delivering listenable phone calls. With Alex McGowin Studer​

Heres the download of tonites 2hr radio broadcast of The Story Behind The Story featuring special guest Patrick Roddie.  Tonites topic: chemtrails
Chat conversation end 
Tianjin aerial: New blasts, deadly sodium cyanide confirmed in the area

The currency wars accelerate, watch this video.
Currency War GOES GLOBAL - Mike Maloney's Daily News Brief -
As a follow up to to Tuesday's video on the 'Well-Oiled Disaster' that is coming, this video gives more data to show serious problems caused by a fundamentally...

We Have Already Witnessed The First 1300 Points Of The Stock Market Crash Of 2015
What has been happening on Wall Street the past few days has been nothing short of stunning.

Do You Need Any More Proof About The Global Recession We Are Currently Experiencing?
The willfully ignorant masses are experiencing an ongoing recession.

10 Troubling Signs and Reasons You Should be Preparing for an Economic Collapse
Ten warning signs that an economic collapse may be just around the corner, and six steps you should take to safeguard yourself from the fallout.

Alex Jones claims NASA had a back up studio to practice moon landings and that footage was LEAKED to SABOTAGE SPACE PROGRAM so we would not make it to Mars.
They could use that footage to FAKE a moon landing.
NASA hired Stanley Kubrik for studio help.

So it appears we DID land on the MOON and also we had studios here. Is that so surprising? that we practiced? that we were prepared?

Billboard Reveals Obama's Real Father
Heading northbound on Interstate 41 in Oshkosh hangs a billboard that doesn’t quite fit with three-story ads plugging the Packers, brats, beer and hospitals....  
Gun Control is Genocide - documentary by Mike Adams 
262,000,000 citizens killed by their govt last century after being disarmed
that is 6 x the number of people who have died in wars
The Truth About Gun Control by Stefan Molyneux
The gun debate has re-surfaced again in Australia after the recent events. Molyneux breaks things down with stats and facts. In summary - strict gun ownership

     BLACK BALLS in LA reservoir
$34 Million for cancer causing pathogenic breeding ground to sterilize LA 
and we have not studied the interaction of chemtrails aluminum barium strontium UV Oxygen, acid rain, then post Reservoir Fluoride, Chloramine, ad nauseum

You will encounter TRAFFIC JAMS and dead cars

Learn to drive off ROAD. Learn to PUSH VEHICLES with YOUR Car if you must. 
Learn how to squeeze by. Learn what parts of your car you can HURT (rear bumpers and fenders) and which parts you must PROTECT! (front wheels, radiator) (do not let front fenders bend so as to cut your tires)

Learn how to get past fools cause they will be everywhere.

The main one is France introducing resolution to recognize Palestine as a state

The others par for the course

Hard to tell the date, but patterns show the Security Council somehow follows the academic calendar and tends to become active after the summer

Main indication of immediate significance is:

Obama was being reported in the news round about the time Netanyahu came to to deliver his speech to undermine Obama that the blanket protection the US has given to Israel over the years in the Security Council, effectively flouting the UN Charter and all norms, can be removed

Of long-term significance is Kissinger's statement 2-3 years ago that he had called into a NY newspaper, that in ten years there will be no more Israel, which I sent around about 2 years ago.

Though himself Jewish, he is not liked by Israel.  If you recall it was Yitzak Shamir criticizing him.  You might recall that it was David Rockefeller who ordered Nixon to hire Kissinger.  So like Zbig Kissinger is a Rockefeller man. Now we know Israel was created by the Rothschilds.  We also know that Rothschilds and Rockefellers hate each other.

So these movements, the peace deal with Iran and recognition of Palestine could be signs that now the Rockefeller faction has gained the upper hand, convinced the Western leaders and they are on a path to, as Rabbi Weiss wishes, peacefully dismantle the state of Israel in the next 7-8 years


grab a cup and a card
cup over spider
slide card between cup and surface
release spider outside
feel good about your karma
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