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Comcast Was Sued For Quietly Turning Customers' Home WiFi Into "Public" Hotspots
Your home Comcast Wi-Fi router is likely also part of a giant "public" hotspot network.
 Here's how to turn that off.

Nestle Pays Only $524 to Extract 27,000,000 Gallons of California Drinking Water
That's not even the worst of it. 

     glass is better... no BPAs
Stock Up On Canned Food for Stock Market Crash, Warns Former Gordon Brown Advisor
Damian McBride said a coming economic crisis would be worse than the 2008 recession.

Another crappy day - and they continued spraying into the night.
Chemtrails over San Francisco, 8-24-15 - Another crappy day - and they continued spraying into the night.

Full show: Infowars nightly news August 24, 2015
Infowars Predicted Collapse as MSM Covered it Up - Infowars Nightly News - 08/24/2015
On this Monday, August 24th edition of the Infowars Nightly News Jakari Jackson plays a special report...

Bad Sign: Rule 48 Invoked, Dow and S&P Halted
Trading halts similar to what China implemented.
    For the first time in history on Monday Rule 48 was invoked on S&P 500 Futures.

This is what the media is NOT telling you about the economic crash.
Buckle Up, September 2015 is Going to Be Tumultuous
Next two months could be looked back on for decades to come.

While Media Peddled Delusion, Infowars Predicted Great Crash of 2015
Financial press were still pretending it was a “correction” last week.

Stock Markets Collapse Amid Global Sell-Off
Peter Schiff, Ron Paul & others all warned this would happen.
    Black Monday: The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 1,000 points on Monday amid a huge decline in Chinese stocks and a global sell-off.

“Black Monday” – Shanghai Composite Goes Red For The Year, Wiping Out 60% In Gains, 2000 Stocks...
But... but... pension funds are “allowed” to buy stocks.

Dow Experiences 1,000 Point Plunge, Largest Single Day Decline in History
Bloodbath triggered by China’s market collapse.
    Record ‪#‎Dow‬ tumble on ‪#‎China‬ crash. ‪#‎BlackMonday‬  

Panic!! All Major US Equity Indices Halted | Zero Hedge
Leading news site for global finance, economics, market, and political analysis.

This has been coming for a long time...thanks for sharing this video.
China's Stock Bubble Signals Deflation - The Breakdown With Mike Maloney
The bigger the bubble, the...

Global Crash: What They're NOT Telling You
With the global economic meltdown already in full swing, the months of September and October 2015 could be looked back on in years to come as the...

UK Orders Google To ‘Forget’ News Articles Discussing Previous Right To Be Forgotten Requests
Those hoping to erase the past are condemned to repeat it.

Biotech stocks collapse as investors abandon GMO corporations amid global economic turmoil:

The FDA Is Basically Approving Everything. Here's The Data To Prove It -

US Media Blackout: France Oppose Vaccines
We live in an Orwellian landscape.
    France has punched a gaping hole in the fake consensus about vaccines.

Every company and university involved in weather control. NAMES AND ADDRESSES

How the 100 million 'shade balls' are a 'bacterial nightmare'
It seems the 96 million 'shade balls' that California officials released on to the Los Angeles Reservoir to stop evaporation may cause even more...

Turmeric more Effective than Prozac at Treating Depression
It’s common knowledge in the natural health world that pharmaceuticals often (if not always) do more harm than good. It’s also clear that foods, herbs, and other... 

‘Foreigners out!’ Protesters in Germany Attack Migrant Buses
Globalists using migrants to collapse countries.

Kim Jong-un orders combat-ready forces to missile attack
Seoul meanwhile is getting ready for counteraction.

     BUSH / NAZI
WHAT ROLE DID GEORGE BUSH SR. HAVE IN THE JFK ASSASSINATION? This video spells it out quite clearly. The Bush dynasty are neo-Nazis, and are not to be trusted! They need to be rounded up and arrested before they can do yet more damage:
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