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Event flux dims the blue spectrum light on your computer monitor at night so you can fall asleep
I've been using this for one year, Melatonin for 2 years, and highly recommend BOTH! 
This is what happens to your brain and body when you check your smartphone before bed

Study: 15% Of Wireless Users Now Tracked By Stealth Headers, Or ‘Zombie Cookies’ the home of the #1 Internet News Show in the World.

PROFESSIONAL OPINION: “Declared Informed Consent protects you from forced vaccination.” Assert Your Legal Right with an “Advance Vaccination Directive.”
Protection from Vaccine Mandates Requires an Advance Vaccine Directive What if vaccines are intentionally contaminated with a...
Enforced Vaccinations: how to legally avoid vaccines - Tracking Registry 

Why Are We Still Vaccinating? 25 Questions From A Former Pro-Vaccine Advocate - CDCwhistleblower says ‪#‎CDCFraud‬
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