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Victims Of Vaccine Damage Speakout
Callers discuss personal stories regarding damage caused by vaccines.

Pentagon: Chinese Navy Ships Passed Through U.S. Territorial Waters for First Time
The ships were observed off the Alaskan coast just as President Obama concluded his three-day trip there.

Watch it now! And share far and wide. You are the resistance!

 - - - - - Fri Sep 4 2015

mandatory seizures!
Seizures following HPV vaccines at school..   
Still want the State to vaccinate your children?

Victims Of Vaccine Damage Speakout Nightly News Director Rob Dew takes callers from every day Americans who reveal their vaccine horror stories. Follow Rob Dew on Twitter -...

Biotech Found to Use GM-Contaminated Rat Feed in Fraudulent Studies
On both test AND control groups.
    How can any regulatory agency truly expect the biotech industry to police itself with studies like this coming out? ‪#‎gmo‬ ‪#‎science‬

Here's What Happens Sept 2015 That WILL Change Our Lives FOREVER! 

U.S. Army Drilling In Yellowstone
New information has surfaced as to why there has been so much activity from the seismic stations in Yellowstone National Park home to a Supervolcano and the ...

China continues its practice of censoring the truth in journalism.

     Street-Level Surveillance in Atlanta
Campaign to educate and energize the fandoms about privacy, surveillance, and free speech.

Russian Troops ‘fighting alongside Assad’s army against Syrian rebels’
Syrian state TV reportedly broadcasts footage of Russian soldiers and armoured vehicle fighting alongside pro-Assad troops.

Virginia Shooting: hoax gun compared with a REAL gun. Smoking gun evidence (forgive the pun
smile emoticon
) The news story was a complete fiction to change public opinion about guns. Watch the video here,

KIDS save EARTH. Goto starbucks and coffee places, get the acid coffee rinds, fertilize redwood trees

Acid Ph is bad for humans and good for trees. Give to plants but do not drink!

BOYCOTT Starbucks. They don't RECYCLE. they throw their recycling in the trash.
they toss their cups, lids, foils plastics into the green waste. 
They toss their trash bags in the Recycling Dumpster. 
Starbucks has no ethics. No protocol for recycling. no thought

they RIPPED HIS THROAT APART with a Tracheotomy to silence his PATSY ASS
Tsarnev the alleged bad guy in the FALSE FLAG Boston Bombing HOAX
could happen to you, could happen to me. BEWARE the NWO
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